Who is Prichard Colon Melendez?

He is an American-Puerto Rican-born former professional boxer. Prichard Colon was born on September, 19, 1992, making him 28 years old. He was born in Maitland, Florida. He has a muscular build and stands 6ft tall. His weight is considered as light middleweight which is a heavy class in combat sport. Prichard has a brunette complexion with brown eyes and brown hair. Since he is a September-born his star sign is Virgo.

According to zodiac signs it is theorized that male virgos work hard believing that it will pay off. They also emerge themselves in equally creative and passionate pursuits. On a personality level he is known for his endurance and dependability. His parents are Richard, a pensioned off serviceman and Nieves. They knew that their second child always wanted to be a boxer. Richard in his time had trained under the mentorship of Felix Trinidad Sr. Now Prichard was learning to box alongside Richard by the time he was only 8.

Prichard Colon passion for boxing is evident by the fact that in 5th grade the children were engaged in an activity. In it Prichard Colon wrote an acrostic and in it each letter spelled out everything he wanted to accomplish. Interestingly all the words were related to boxing! He also traveled to numerous youth tournaments and even won a majority of them. 

Prichard was exceptionally well at whatever he did and so his nickname was “Digget.” This is derived from the word “Digger” relating to his tall stature and toned body. According to Nieves, Prichard wanted to build a boxing career and a name for himself. However, he planned to become a boxing promoter. Thus, he was willing to win championships and earn recognition but his boxing career wouldn’t last long. The gist of his career includes many of his successes. He was a gold medal champion at the 2010 Pan-American Youth Contest in the 64 kg category. He had almost 16 wins in his professional career since 2013. Prichard remained an undefeated champion even until his very last match. His fans grieve over the unfortunate incident which led him to abandon his boxing career. 

Prichard Colon Early Life

After the divorce of his parents Prichard Colon moved to Puerto Rico with his father and sister, Natalie for high school. Their residence was in a small mountainous town in the middle of an island known as Orocovis. He attended a sports-focused public school there which was an hour away from his home. After graduating high school Prichard Colon took courses in Business Administration at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in San Juan. His father trained him and soon he was a five-time amateur Puerto-Rican champion. He failed to be a part of the Puerto Rico team in the 2012 Olympics.

This is when he turned pro in February 2013. He is reported to have practiced for interviews in both English and Spanish. This is because he was preparing for the spotlight after the victory that seemed so evident. Prichard studied pugilists and was also inspired by two major Puerto Rican legends. Namely, Fenix Trinidad Jr. and Hector Camacho. The former was known for his humility while the latter for his charming style. Moreover, the famous boxing adviser, Al Haymon also signed up Prichard as his first Puerto Rican boxer. This was after his mentee’s seventh fight in the ring. 

After winning in four fights, Prichard hired Pedro Diaz as his personal adviser. He moved camp to Boca Raton, Fla. His next opponent was William who was 8 years older than him. He remained undefeated at 14-0 with 12 knockouts. However, the favorite boxer at that time was Prichard who was 23.

Williams boasted 2 more fights and 1 more knockout on his perfect record. Williams was a challenge for Prichard for he had this crushing power that was appealing. Before the two boxers took over in the ring, it was broadcast on NBC’s Premier Boxing Champion. “He has a real dangerous offensive arsenal.” This statement about Williams was a precaution. If he was taken too lightly, he could put his rival down within seconds. Hence, one shouldn’t be fooled by his good looks. Prichard had been preparing beforehand and was already active days prior to the fight. The bout he struck against Williams was his sixth in 2015.

It was his third in 78 days and his second in just more than a month. He had not complained about headaches or any sort of dizziness in the days leading to the fight. However amidst the fight, Prichard rubbed his head and told the referee Joe Cooper that Williams had been punching there. It was in the fifth round that Williams knocked off Prichard with a low blow. On Prichard Colon’s complain, 2 points from Willaim’s score were deducted for this illegal punching technique. 

Prichard Colon Boxing Career

Prichard was best known for his 5 national tournaments in which he attained victory. This was in the 141 and 152 pounds division. This successful boxer proved his potential by winning a gold medal in the Pan-American Asian Championship in the 64kg group. He went on to fight at the Brazil pre-olympics and qualified for the Summer Olympics in 2012 that were held in London. However, a fighter from Venezuela ended up defeating him and he could not pass the final round.

This was all a part of his amateur career. He then decided to become a professional fighter in 2012. So he put an end to his unprofessional career with a 170-15 record. Prichard Colon’s opening match was with Xavier La Salle at the Cosme Beitía Salamo Coliseum in Cataño. He met his first professional entrance on February 23rd, 2013. He managed to knock out his enemy LaSalle in the first round. His most prominent fight was with Vivian Harris on September 9, 2015. This match was held at the Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, Ontario. It was in the fourth round that Prichard defeated Harris. The well known boxer was to fight in an undercard contest in the Eagle Bank Arena in Fairfax Virginia. On October 17, 2015 he was fighting against Terrell Williams. 

However, misfortune struck Prichard as he stood in combat against Williams for nine rounds. In the last round, Prichard had been bashed two times and could not get up for the tenth round. He felt faint and began to vomit so he was immediately taken to the hospital. And he was diagnosed with brain blood loss injury and soon after that he went into a coma. He was treated at the Inova Fairfax hospital but he needed more expert guidance. So he was moved to Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Since the time of his fight against Terrell Williams, Prichard Colon stayed in coma for a total of 221 days.

He was then moved from hospital to his mother’s residence in Orlando, Florida. From that time onwards, Colon is just living a vegetative lifestyle. In 2018, his mother displayed him in a video on her Facebook account for his fans to see. This was to show his progress and how he was coping with this huge drawback that ended his career.  In the video he was replying to verbal instructions and also taking physical therapy. He was gradually learning how to convey his messages through the computer when he needed something. 

After Effects Of Injury Prichard Colon 2021

Prichard Colon 2021 recovery and legal issues were brought into light when his parents filed a 50 million dollar lawsuit. This was targeted against the ringside doctors and organizers of the fight. A complaint was filed in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. It was made clear how doctor Ashby had been negligent in this scenario.

Ashby had not given serious attention and coaching when Prichard was complaining in the seventh round. The situation is thus aggravated since Prichard has been telling Ashby that his head hurt when Williams was punching him. The co-organizers Head Banging Boxing and DiBella Entertainment could not provide a capable ringside doctor. This large sum of lawsuit money is not enough for the extensive life-long care that Prichard needs. His health and living expenses need to be catered for. For instance in an emergency brain operation his subdural hematoma was displaced. This was to relieve pressure on his skull so it would not be fatal.

1.5 years of treatment

Even after 1.5 years of treatment, Prichard could not live independently. He was numb and unconscious and could only breath on his own. His bodily movements were restricted due to the brain injury. Prichard now lives with his mother, Nieve in Winter Park, Florida. This was the same home where Nieves and her ex-husband, Richard, brought up Prichard when he was a child. The reason that Prichard needs justice is because of the intense brain injuries that he sustained. It was the negligence of multiple people since Williams was allowed to strike illegal blows on Prichard’s head. Referee Joe Cooper did not pay attention to Prichard’s complaints of dizziness. Neither did he stop Williams from making his illegal attacks.