All the Details about Types of Computer That You Need to Know


A computer is a machine that can be customized to do groupings of math or sensible activities naturally. Current computers can perform conventional arrangements of tasks known as projects. These projects empower computers to play out a wide scope of tasks. Today there are many types of computer in which some are electronic and computerized. The real apparatus (wires, semiconductors, and circuits) is called equipment; the guidelines and information are called programming. All universally useful computers require the accompanying equipment segments such as CPU, mass storage device, memory, input device, and output device.

Segments and Types of Computer

Central processing unit (CPU): The core of the computer, is the part that executes guidelines coordinated in programs (“programming”) that instruct the computer. Memory (quick, costly, transient memory): Enables a computer to store, at any rate incidentally, information, projects, and halfway outcomes. Mass storage device (more slow, less expensive, long memory): Allows a computer to forever hold a lot of information and projects between occupations. Regular mass storage devices incorporate circle drives and tape drives. Input device: Usually a console and mouse, the info gadget is the course through which information and guidelines enter a computer. Output device: A showcase screen, printer, or another gadget that allows you to perceive what the computer has achieved.

It is an electronic device intended to acknowledge information, perform endorsed numerical and sensible activities at fast, and show the consequences of these tasks. Different types of computers are divided into two segments.

One segment is based on data capacity that includes:

  • Analogue Computer
  • Digital Computer
  • Hybrid Computer

Analogue Computer

Analogue Computers are intended to handle simple information. Simple information is nonstop information that changes consistently and can’t have discrete quantities. We can say that analog computers are utilized where we don’t require precise qualities in every case like speed, temperature, pressing factor, and current. Simple computers straightforwardly acknowledge the information from the estimating gadget without first changing over it into numbers and codes. They measure the consistent changes in the actual amount and for the most part, render yield as a perusing on a dial or scale. Speedometer and mercury thermometer are instances of simple computers.

It permits ongoing tasks and calculation simultaneously. In certain applications, it permits performing estimations without taking the assistance of transducers for changing the information sources or yields over to advanced electronic structure and the other way around. The developer can scale the issue for the unique scope of the simple computer. It gives knowledge into the issue and comprehends the mistakes and their belongings.

Digital Computer

Digital Computer is a type of computer that stores data in numerical form and performs various tasks. All the tasks in this type of computer are by using mathematical operation. It includes all the numbers, letters, and characters in performing the tasks. A digital computer has a device to gather information and data. This data is of both types that can be input data and output data. This type of computer allows its components to perform a mathematical operation on saved data.

These types of computers are almost electronic devices. The data that operates in this type is based on including symbols, letters expressed in binary code. Binary code includes the digit 0 and 1. The tasks are completed on the digital computer by counting, comparing, and using mathematical techniques. This machine stores data in a processed data form. There are many digital computers, few examples of digital computers are Apple MacBook, IBM computer and modern smartphones.

Hybrid Computer

The hybrid computer is the type of computer in which both the characteristics of analog and digital computers are present. It performs both the functions of digital and analog computers. A hybrid computer helps to perform all the complex tasks of the calculations. These types of computers can be used in large organizations to solve logical and technical calculations to perform the processing of various equations of mathematics.

It has a very good command of performing particular tasks. Hybrid computers produce an accurate result. Hybrid computers were designed for the purpose to provide the functionality and features of both analog and digital computers. These type of computers aims to give the best results of the complex tasks using both the functions of analog and digital computers. Hybrid computers are the most rapid type of computer, it performs all the tasks efficiently. These are good at resolving complex calculations, equations, and tasks.

Other segment is based on size that includes:

  • Supercomputer
  • Mainframe computer
  • Minicomputer
  • Workstation
  • Server Computer
  • Wearable
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Netbooks  
  • Wearable
  • Personal Computer

Following are the types of computer based on data capacity.


One of the types of computers is the supercomputer. It is a computer that is at the cutting edge of the current preparing limit, especially the speed of estimation. It is generally used to finish undertakings including extreme mathematical estimations like climate anticipating, liquid elements, atomic replicas, hypothetical astronomy, and complex logical calculations. The supercomputer is a wide term for perhaps the quickest computer right now accessible. Supercomputers are extravagant and are utilized for particular applications that require colossal measures of numerical computations (calculating). For instance, climate estimating requires a supercomputer. Different employments of supercomputers logical replicas, (energized) illustrations, liquid unique computations, thermal power research, electronic plan, and investigation of land information (for example in petrochemical prospecting). Maybe the most popular supercomputer producer is Cray Research.


Minicomputers are a class of multi-client computers that lie in the center scope of the processing range, in the middle of the littlest mainframes computers and the biggest single-client frameworks (microcomputers or PCs). Minicomputers are generally little in scale, straightforward in structure, simple to keep up, and low in cost. Accordingly, they are regularly utilized in colleges, logical examination establishments, and modern control fields.

These types of computer are very convenient to use, they are low in price. Suppose you are a student in class, you can carry your minicomputer with you. It will be very easy for you to make notes on it. Due to its small screen, no one will be disturbed. It has low storage, but might be longer battery life. It depends on the types of computer. Thus it is convenient to have a minicomputer, one can use it easily and it has many advantages of it.

Mainframe Computer

At the beginning of registering, mainframe computers were one of the largest types of computers that could occupy a whole room or even an entire floor. As the size of computers has decreased while their force has expanded, the term mainframe computer has dropped out of utilization for a big business worker. You’ll hear the term referenced, however, especially in huge organizations to portray the tremendous machines handling a large number of exchanges each day, while at the same time attempting to satisfy the necessities of hundreds, if not a great many individual clients. Another computer type is a centralized server computer.

It is a computer that is fit for taking care of and preparing extremely a lot of information rapidly. Its estimation speed can arrive at millions to several million directions each second (MIPS) and it can react to countless clients all at once. This computer type is essentially utilized in huge foundations like government, banks, and enormous partnerships.


A workstation is a computer that has an all the more remarkable processor, extra memory, very good quality design connectors, and improved abilities for playing out an uncommon gathering of tasks, like 3D illustrations or game turn of events. Workstations, similar to customary personal computers, are planned for singular clients. In any case, they contrast from work areas in that they are a whole lot speedier. Regularly, it’s organizations like designing firms or interactive media organizations that purchase these computers for their representatives. Graphic designers also use these types of computers because of their mind-blowing characteristics. Workstation computers have furthermore types which are characterized because of their difference in functionality and performances. This workstation computer is also used to perform intense scientific tasks and can manage engineering tasks. These types of computers are very helpful in favor of complex economical and business applications.


Tablets are more convenient than computers, have a more drawn-out battery life yet can likewise do cell phone-like exercises, for example, taking photographs, messing around, and drawing with a pointer. For the individuals who like to use the computer in an easy zone tablets are the best example. A few tablets accompany a (connected or separable) connection, permitting you to maintain the comfort zone by using the smartest possible solution. Tablets have generally supplanted the specialty netbooks involved. And tablets are slight, level devices that resemble bigger renditions of cell phones.

Tablets can do essentially every one of the capacities that workstations do, however don’t have the inside fans that computers have. So they need to depend on lower-performing processors that will not use as much warmth or battery power. They likewise have less capacity limit than conventional computers. More established tablets utilized similar working frameworks as cell phones yet the more up-to-date tablets utilize a fully working framework, for example, Microsoft Windows.


A laptop is one of the types of computer. Laptops are versatile computers that coordinate the display has a processor, memory, and hard drive all in a battery-worked bundle marginally bigger than a normal hardcover book. Advanced computer is intended to perform estimations and consistent activities at high velocity. It acknowledges the crude information as a contribution to the types of digits or paired numbers (0 and 1) and cycles it with programs put away in its memory to deliver the yield.

All advanced computers like workstations, work areas including cell phones that we use at home or office are computerized computers. It permits you to store a lot of data and to recover it effectively at whatever point you need it. You can without much of a stretch add new highlights to advanced frameworks all the more without any problem. Various applications can be utilized in computerized frameworks just by changing the program without rolling out any improvements in equipment. The expense of equipment is less because of the progression in the IC innovation. It offers fast as the information is prepared carefully. It is profoundly dependable as it utilizes blunder remedy codes. Reproducibility of results is higher as the yield isn’t influenced by clamor, temperature, humidity, and different properties of its parts.


Netbooks are super convenient types of computers. These are the computers that are much more modest than conventional computers. The limited cost-viability of netbooks implies they’re less expensive than practically any shiny new computer you’ll discover at retail outlets. In any case, netbooks’ interior segments are less amazing than those in customary computers. They’re staggeringly minimized, however thus, their details list regularly looks like an exceptionally stripped-down computer. They have little shows (as little as 6 or 7 inches or 15-18 centimeters), little storing limit (maybe maximizing at 64GB), and some of the time hold back on or through and through skip information ports (like USB or HDMI) that customary workstations use. Many netbooks come from little makers, as the serious weapons can’t be messed with the low net revenues of these less expensive machines. It is available in markets, interested people can buy them and use them easily.


The most recent types of computer include wearable computers. Basic computers applications (email, data set, media, schedule/scheduler) are coordinated into watches, mobile phones, visors, and in any event. Numerous different wearables target outside lovers and wellness monstrosities, permitting them to follow their area, height, calories consumed, steps, speed, and a whole lot more. The Apple iWatch, presently in its fourth manifestation, is extraordinary compared to other looked into wearables to date. This little watch has a large number of the functionalities of an out-and-out cell phone. It allows you to perform typical messaging and email obligations. Also, it has implicit wireless, not at all like some other brilliant watches that should be combined with a telephone to settle on decisions. It even has an underlying electrical heart sensor that you can use to take an electrocardiogram and measures the heartbeat. It also measures the footsteps as well.

Personal Computer

It tends to be characterized as a little, generally modest computer intended for an individual client. In value, personal computer ranges from economical to high rates. All depend on the microchip technology that empowers makers to put a whole CPU on one chip. Organizations utilize computers for word handling, bookkeeping, work area distributing, and for running accounting pages and data set administration applications. At home, the most mainstream use for computers is for using computer with a good internet connection.

Computer has grown quickly due to its little size, helpful use, low creation cost, and low cost. computer registering velocity can arrive at many thousands to millions of directions each second, which can meet the necessities of information preparing and logical processing underway, logical examination, and life. These types of computer are very helpful in managing many tasks from playing games, entertainment, education to paying bills. All of them can be managed by having a personal computer.

Server Computer

A computer that has been improved to offer assistance to different types of computers over an organization. The servers typically have incredible processors, bunches of memory, and enormous hard drives. A server refers to an elite computer that gives shared data assets and different administrations for some clients on the organization simultaneously in an organizational climate. A server is required to be able to do fast registering, long haul solid activity (it highlights mistake adjustment of RAM; repetitive cooling; self-checking, RAID), and amazing outside information throughput. The design of the server is like that of a standard computer. Numerous more modest servers are computers that have been committed to offering types of assistance for different computers. Yet, they are altogether different as far as handling power, strength, unwavering quality, security, versatility, and reasonability.


There are different types of computers. Computers have a huge importance in today’s life so it is not possible to imagine life without a computer device. There are various kinds of computers. One kind is different from the other depending upon the characteristic. There are many benefits of computers some advantages are helpful for you and some of them are not helpful for you. So according to the work need one selects the types of computer. There are different types of computers.

Some types of computers are useful for the workplace, some for educational purposes and some of the computers are useful for graphic designers. There are several other purposes and uses of these kinds of computers. So before selecting a types of computer, go through the features of the computer. What suites your need, your pocket, and your work type. After following up they all buy that types of computer and use it.

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