Types of Branding To Enhance Your Business


Every new person in the field of advertising and selling their product is not successful at first shot. It takes time to understand all the hacks and tips to be a good businessman. How a person becomes a good businessman? It is when a businessman knows how to do branding of its product in the market. Now the question arises that what is branding? What are its types? And how it is beneficial for an organization? All these questions will be answered in this article. Whilst discussing the types of branding one should consider the use of that brand type that will be suitable for its business. Learn out or read carefully the types of brands. Don’t rush to adopt any type of branding strategy with less knowledge.

What is branding?

Branding is a creative process for wonderful marketing tricks to attract customers and make them want the product of your brand. Branding helps the brand to market the product and shows the product’s characteristics and advertise it uniquely. Other than marketing, branding sometimes also considers making logos and designing a product’s content.

Importance of Branding and its Types

It is important to know about branding and its types because these are the best tips to uplift the reputation of your brand. With branding, the companies can give a complete name to it. There are several types of branding that the brands use to promote the company and enhance their finance. So it is important to read complete types of branding and then select which type of branding suits your organization. It enables the company to get a distinct image in society. Thus an organization should know which branding strategy is best for their better growth in the market.

What are the Types of Branding?

 There are several types of branding. Every type of branding is different from others. The type of branding is adopted by the brand according to its needs and requirements. Thus it is important to discuss all the types of brands. Following are the types of brands:

  1. Personal Branding
  2. Product Branding
  3. Corporate Branding
  4. Service Branding
  5. Geographical Branding
  6. Online Branding
  7. Offline Branding
  8. Co-Branding
  9. Activists Branding
  10. Retail Branding

Personal Branding

Personal branding refers to individual branding. The person himself/herself opens a brand and is an owner of the business. This type of branding is mostly associated with the popular people of the society. It includes politicians, superstars, famous bloggers, athletes, or any person with a good name among the people. So for personal branding, the person, first of all, creates an image, gain importance in the society then starts their brand. People buy the product and spend money on the purchase because of the name. It is for sure that people with fame can have a lot of profit because of their name. People use to trust them because of their positive image. Thus people with personal branding can get a good profit rate in the market.

Product Branding

Product branding is the branding of a product. It is one of the most usual and simple types of branding. In product branding, the product is given a unique and different design or logo that differentiates it from other products. Good product branding is when you know the desires and needs of the customer. You keep them in your mind and start to launch your product according to it. This type of branding has immense importance because whenever a customer is walking through a supermarket, they have an image of the likable product. So if your organization has done successful product branding. The customers are going to get it.

Corporate Branding

When you are running a brand, reputation plays an integral role in it. If a brand will have a good reputation in the market, the clients will trust them more.  And in the market when buying something, they will go for the product with a good reputation. So in corporate branding, the brand tries to maintain a good reputation in marketing by adopting unique strategies and following strictly all the rules and regulations of the market. If a company is successful in doing good corporate branding, it is going to leave a long-term effect on the minds of the clients.

Service Branding

Service branding is related to the service of the company. How are the services of an organization provided to their clients? So providing a great service to the clients of the company is an important part. Every brand’s service should be good enough to satisfy the client’s needs. All the issues should be solved by the clients, all of their inquiries should be heard.  Service is all about the terms between you and your customers. So this is the main focus of the service branding to provide a wonderful service to the clients.

Geographical Branding

Geographical branding refers to the creation of unique products according to the culture and norms of that geographical region. This type of branding is usually done in tourists spots. For instance, when we go to the northern areas to spend our vacation, they use to sell their traditional and hand-made stuff to the tourists that visit. This is also one of the successful types of branding, tourists use to buy the traditional products of the place. This is also called cultural branding because it is used to show off the products which are created according to the culture of the region.

Online Branding

Online branding is related to the online business. Nowadays online shopping is in trend. Secondly, covid-19 has also made an environment where people are forced to shop online. So this type of branding has attained a lot of importance. The brand arranges website and uploads the list of product with pictures and write down all the features. This type of branding includes the online website, a lot of advertisements through the ads, written content in form of blogs, and other interesting posts related to the products. In this way, once all this process is done, the brand allows the customers to shop their products online via a website. WorldNoor is a good example of Online Branding. Users can follow the pages of brands and can start shopping online through this platform. It can be downloaded on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Offline Branding

Offline branding is opposite of the online branding. In offline branding, the organization has to sell the product offline. That means by going to the clients physically doing proper advertisement, telling them characteristics of the product. Good communication skills and presentation skills are highly important in offline branding. It also includes many other activities and tasks to promote the branding offline.


Co-branding is when two or more companies are selling the same product or providing the same service in the market, this type of branding is called co-branding. When the brands are connected through the same product or service they are also branding partners. Co-branding is a good type of branding to enhance the business and launch a new product in the market. When the same product is being sold by different companies, the competition between those products also increases. If you choose co-branding, make sure you are providing the best service or product to the customers. 

No-Brand Branding

No-brand branding is simple as its type name. No- branding means no branding at all of the products. This type of branding is also called Minimalist Branding. Not every person is complex enough to choose a product with a brand name. There are still many people in society who are interested in buying a product only, they are not attracted by the fancies. The packaging, colors, designs, logos are not important to some people. They are only interested in buying a good product, not the name, logo, or design. So some type of brands is willing in no branding technique.

Retail Branding

Retailers are the store that we use to visit and buy our daily life products. These retailers use to sell products of different brands. So in retail branding, the products of different brands are sell. So in this way, the organization uses to sell different products. Retail branding is a difficult type of branding because it has multiple objectives. A lot of planning is required for retail branding. If successful planning is done, then this type of branding can profit the organization.

By reading this article, the readers are clear about the concept of branding and the types of branding. Go through the aspects, pros, and cons of the branding. Read and interpret its types carefully before choosing any strategy for your brand.