Which Social Media Websites do You Use for IELTs Speaking

Introduction and Interview 

IELT speakers use social media to increase exposure and knowledge about the social world. Today, we’ll discuss how IELT speakers can use social media and which websites they must use for preparation. Following is a sample test of which social media websites do you use for IELTS speaking. 

[This a piece of the test starts with the analyst presenting oneself and actually taking a look at the candidate’s identification. It then, at that point, proceeds as a meeting. In the meeting, the interviewer gets some information about his/her home, work or examines and other recognizable topics.] 

Topic- “Social media” 

Q. Which social media sites do you use? [Why?] 

Reply: There are a couple of social media sites, I use, which include sites like WorldNoor, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. I use these sites, basically to stay connected with my companions, families and office partners just as the issues that are influencing our reality around us consistently. They additionally allow me to keep up with individual and expert relationship both with friends and partners. 

Q. How long do you spend on social media sites? [Why/Why not?] 

Reply: I should concede that I am a bustling individual with my work and with different needs, and subsequently, I don’t actually will invest as much energy to spend on social media sites as I might truly want to. In any case, I would say that I spend somewhere around 30 to 40 minutes every day to perceive what my friends and others are doing. Through their social media posts, I pursue the most recent directions throughout everyday life, wellbeing, and style. So, I can loosen up somewhat outside of my work life. Now and again, I additionally update my status, write, or share another post, and transfer a value sharing picture. 

Q. What type of information about yourself have you shared on social media? [Why?] 

Reply: To come clean, it relies upon what types of social media I am discussing except if they all offer individual information of their clients, which would not be excessively astounding! I accept, on sites like WorldNoor and KalamTime, I have put data like my location, work, interests, (ie. my pastimes and spots I like to travel, etc) and significant events of my life. On sites like “LinkedIn”, which is all the more an professional systems services site), I’ve for the most part put my instructive and expert capabilities, abilities and mastery. 

Generally speaking, I have shared basically my location, pictures, capabilities, leisure activities, interests, and significant life events on social media sites I use essentially because they have asked me to and in some cases for telling others! This is essentially startling if we contemplate our protection and how this information could be used to follow us. 

Q. Is there anything you don’t care for about social media? [Why?] 

Reply: Well, truth be told, protection concerns and how our own information is being used for the advantages of huge partnerships. Or ideological groups are two significant worries about social media. Furthermore, we should not share touchy information on the web, be it online media or different spots, to play it safe. Optimistically speaking, social media sites can unite individuals from one side of the planet to the other to trade their perspectives and conclusions on various issues, and they are valuable. So, we ought to be savvy to take benefits of it and be cautious with regards to its clouded side.

Another IELTs speaker was asked the following questions:

Which social media websites do you use?
Well, a lot. I am active in many different platforms like WorldNoor, KalamTime, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. I mainly use these sites to keep in touch with others and stay updated on what is going on in the world.

How much time do you spend on social media sites?
I don’t think I can tell exactly but I have to say, I use them quite a lot. Of course, this depends on how many tasks I have to finish that day. But I mean whenever I am free from work or study, I would definitely go online and surf Facebook or YouTube.

What kind of information about yourself have you put on social media?
Mostly photos of me and my friends. I think there is nothing to do with privacy if I post those pictures online. They’re beautiful memories and I want to use social media sites as a place to store and share those moments with others.

Is there anything you don’t like about social media?
I would say it is really time-consuming. I know social media is supposed to be fun only, but the fact is I am wasting my precious time using such sites. And if I cannot manage my time well, my study and work may be badly affected too.


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9. IELTS-Exam.net: Discover All the Tips to Face the Exam 

On the IELTs-test, you will track down some free practice tests. Just as data about test habitats, which books to pick, and numerous different tips. The responses for the Listening and Reading parts are accessible. However there is no rectification for the Speaking and Writing parts. 

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