Find Out Top 5 Social Media Platforms

Social media is an everlasting technology. It is the most used technology these days. From adults to infants, every person is obsessed with a phone. What is on their phone? For adults, it is a social media platform scrolling down news, information, and entertainment. For infants, it is a social media site’s channel which their mommy opened for them to watch cartoons and other baby entertainment media. Social media platforms that is suitable for every age group. Every age group’s people have liked and followed the pages of their interest. When it comes to the youth, youth has followed the pages according to their likes, like sports, fashion, bloggers, politicians, and other entertainment pages for them. 

Social Media Platforms are the websites and applications that are used to stay in touch with the world. It provides a source of communication, entertainment, gathering information, staying updated, sharing locations, and experiences virtually.  

Users of social media always wonder which platform is best for them. Which platform users should use to experience the best social media? Today we will talk about the best social media platforms. 

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3.  Youtube
  4. Snapchat
  5. WorldNoor


Facebook Social Media Platform

Facebook is one of the most popular and most used social media sites. Billions of users have registered themselves on Facebook. Facebook allows its users to create a free profile and start to connect with their friends and mates. There are several features that you can enjoy by using Facebook. It has become a medium of communication and staying in touch for every user. Well, we can say that Facebook is a wonderful social media site to use but on the other hand, it has affected our today’s communication. The users of Facebook have started to use this medium as a source of all kinds of communication that is not a good way. The activities of today’s life are disturbed so far. People of today are more into Facebook. Facebook has become a part of their daily life routine that can give negative impacts on their lives.  



Instagram is a social media platform that a big number of people are using in the world. It is also one of the famous and youngest social media sites. It started with a site that allows its users to upload images of their choice then gradually it started to make changes in it. Now Instagram is providing all the features that the social media platforms use to provide. Just like Facebook, it has also become a platform to maintain a good source of communication with other people. People have started to like social media sites like Facebook and other wonderful platforms like WorldNoor. Hampton Bay Instagram has become a fabulous platform for influencers. The influencers are trending on Instagram. The functionality of Instagram has enhanced, there are numerous channels, sites that are running even small businesses. Thus this social media site has also a very good user engagement rate. 


Youtube Social Media

Youtube is like a waterway, this social media platform is full of everything. What you need to do is search for anything and you are going to get all the relevant videos. Understanding is way better when we are watching it other than only listening to it. Youtube provides the best videos for every person. Every age group can find its interest on Youtube.  It provides content for every gender, age group that is from babies to youth to women to men and the oldies. According to surveys, many mommies use to play cartoons and other baby media for their children to keep them engaged. Many people use to watch cooking shows, TV shows, movies, political videos, educational lectures, religious talks, and other content. These software all videos can be viewed on Youtube. It is a marvelous social media platform. 


SnapChat Social Media Platform

Snapchat is a social media platform where people use to send and receive images, videos with colorful different filters. It allows its users to capture an image, save it, add captions and stickers. Snapchat has a very unique feature, the memories you use to add today in the form of an image or video will be shown to you next year on the same date. Snapchat is a super cool way to recall all the memories of all the previous days, years. The Snapchat users can view each other’s locations. They can also view the snaps of even other countries that have public Snapchat. Nowadays, a lot of people have Snapchat on their phones. The Snapchat users send snaps to their friends and keep them aware of the present activity. It is a new trend that youth has adopted, sending and receiving snapchats have become very common. 


WorldNoor Social Media PlatForm

Just like, Facebook and Instagram, WorldNoor is also an upstanding social media platform. Just like other popular social media platforms, WorldNoor is a platform that is a great source of communication, shares media, location, and all other life events with friends. This platform is free of cost, provides amazing features that are not provide by other apps. WorldNoor is a perfect platform for business, entertainment, communication, and other tasks. People use to create their free accounts can be get connected to all regions. It follows a very strict privacy policy, users can use this platform without the fear of third parties interference.

Even this site provides the safety of the kids accounts who are under 16 years. The parents are given complete access to their kid’s social media accounts. Success doesn’t come overnight, but I am sure while looking at the outstanding features of the WorldNoor that it is going to be one of the most downloaded apps in the world very soon!