What is a Social Media Content Calendar?

In order to achieve your long term social media goals and to remain decorum and harmony within your schedule. You definitely need to sort out your social media content calendar for promoting your plans across marketing channels. This is basically an overview of all the social media posts that you will be making in the near future. It is all organized in a spreadsheet, google calendar or even an online dashboard.

This planning includes information about the date and time when the post will be uploaded on social media content calendar. The links or tags that need to be included. The social media networks and accounts from where these posts will be uploaded. A well thought out calendar will help you enlist content themes beforehand so that you prepare content which suits your audience. For instance your business involves multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Therefore, you must know what role each platform performs. 

Once you have a social media calendar you will be aware of which platform suits which content. How it will be received by a suitable audience. The first step that you must take is to keep in mind your social media presence. Collect data on all of your social media platforms and how they are performing. This will help you evaluate which platform has the best engagement and which ones are lacking.

It opens numerous doors for opportunities and you can curate an exceptional brand awareness. You also need to pay attention to the timing and frequency of your posts. Such as the times of the day when there are the most active users on a specific social media platform. This is when the audience will interact with your posts the most and spread the word about your brand. Through these calendars you can efficiently distribute the same piece of content throughout different parts of the day. 

Why do you need a social media content calendar?

Be Organized 

You get to save a lot of time and undue stress. Since social media posting can be tiresome and time consuming. It needs to follow a particular pattern and breaking the theme would be seen as a lack in your coherent timeline. You need to design all your posts beforehand so they match with the aesthetic look that you initially choose. You can avoid multitasking and jot down all your content ideas at one time. It will also help you allocate work to members of your team who specialize in graphic designing and photoshop. You can even set a schedule ahead of time for the social media posts to be uploaded automatically at a given time. This means you can share content everyday without having to log into the social media platform every other hour. It is surveyed that an average person uses 7.5 social media platforms each day. 

A consistent schedule 

Pre-scheduled posting is just an important part of managing multiple social media presences. You must follow a consistent posting schedule so that your audience is made well-aware of when to expect updates from your brand. When you stick to a routine people will be looking forward to your uploads and hence interact and share your services with others. Similarly, this will also benefit you to make use of engaging hashtags.

A content framework will give you the time and headspace to think about other pressing concerns than just posting on social media. A posting schedule means you will have quality content ready to be posted. Rather than preparing posts in haste which will neither be up-to-the-mark nor be free of any errors. You can post at optimal hours such as late at night when your audience is most active on social media. You can post automatically even if it doesn’t fall within your working hours. 

A cohesive timeline 

A social media calendar will help you figure out your errors and avoid unintentional mistakes. You can produce high-quality content. This is because a single social media post has an entire team of creative heads behind it. These include photo editors, copywriters, photographers, videographers or makeup artists. Sometimes people are even needed to model and photoshoot for your posts especially if your brand is fashion-oriented. Catchy captions and a story line must be decided prior to posting anything. This is because there are other important business matters to be held. Asking your team to abandon everything midway just for an emergency Instagram reel will certainly do more harm to your brand than benefit. Through a good strategy you can allot your assets and resources be it human or digital. This is so your team has a breathing space and freedom to do their best tasks.  

Partnerships and Sponsorships  

You get to time your content according to the mainstream or even unofficial holidays and events. When you have your content planned in advance you have the time to think about opportunities to partner with other brands. You can reach out to influencers such as those on Instagram or Twitter and encourage them to collaborate on sponsored content. By organizing your organic and paid content you can add value to your social advertising dollars as well. The various influencers and bloggers reportedly have their own editorial content calendars. Social media managing companies can access these through the influencers’ media kits. Hence content planning is essential for investing in partnership opportunities to boost your business. You get to attract a large user base who may be potential clients when they learn about the services and products that you offer. 

Tools that assist social media scheduling 

Without such social media tools one would be overwhelm with the large amount of channels. The vast amounts of social media content that you need to manage may also seem like a never ending task. However, there are certain social media tools to help you out. For instance, Sprout Social enables you to learn more about your audience and to engage with the online community through social media. There are demographic listening features and an analytical tool to improve your social media presence. The app’s focus is entirely on the optimization of your social content for long term add value. Furthermore, for content scheduling you need to keep HootSuite amongst your preferences. You get to organize content with full vigor. The Google Chrome extension is also useful in letting you schedule content as you find it on social media. This is a feature that is exclusive to this tool only. 

Apart from this there is the Zoho app through which you get to create a publishing calendar. There are drop down and drag options for this purpose to add convenience to your posts. You can even reschedule and manage your content. Then Zoro also provides you with a collaborative tool which will allow you to share content with other teammates and clients. Then content banks may also be helpful when you want to create a social media calendar. This serves as a repository like a place where you can store all your existing social media content. As in the pieces that you want to post at present or keep for future use. You can store pictures, videos or even text that has been written beforehand.