Six Nations Championship 2022

What is the Six Nations 2022?

The 2022 edition is the 23rd version of the Six Nations Championship. It is also referred to as the Guinness Six Nations. There were six countries that were involved in the annual rugby tournament. Including England, France, Italy, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Previously it was known as the Home Incarnations Championship or the Five Nations Championship. The sixth nation was Wales which was late to enter the tournament as defending champions. France won the Championship and the Grand Slam. These both were for the first time since 2010. At the Stade de France they defeated England with a score of 25-13. Ireland was the runners up team and they won the title of the Triple Crown. They were awarded this for the sixth time in the Six Nations era. Italy had beaten Scotland in 2015 and they entered the tournament after 36 successive Six Nations losses since then.

They scored 15-21 in their final game against Wales. Only the last 2 minutes remained when Edoardo Padovani scored enough points to win the match. A ranking table for the six nations is made for compiling the scores throughout the tournament. It is a very organized way of marking the progress of these countries and calculating their scores at the end. The rules for the table rankings are simple and to-the-point. Four points are awarded for a win and two pints are awarded for a draw. A team that scores four or more tries or loses by seven points or fewer, receives a bonus point. However, a team can also score four or more tries and even lose by seven points or fewer. In this it will receive both the bonus points. There are three bonus points reserved for a team that wins the Grand Slam. 

Further Score details for the Championship

This means having victory in all five of their matches. So the Grand Slam team will be on the top of the table with 23 points or more. This is because another team would be placed one position lower than the winner. This runners up team might lose one match while winning both the bonus points. They can also win all the four matches with all the four bonus points as well for a maximum of 22 points. Similarly, proceeding to the tiebreaker guidelines. It is suggested that two or more teams are tied on the table points. The team with the better points difference should have a higher rank. If even this tie breaker fails to separate the tied teams or make things easier.

Then the team with the higher number of total tries scored will be ranked higher. This keeps into consideration the total number of penalty tries scored in a match as well. After these two tiebreaker rules if two or more teams still remain tied. These teams will then be placed on the equal rank. When the tournament ends and more than one team gains the first place, they will have to share the title. 

Six Nations 2022 France

France’s huge growth can be seen ahead of the Home World Cup as it continues into 2023. The French Rugby Union player named Fabien Galthie had his France side ready as the Grand Slam approached. Their unexpected win of 13-9 in Cardiff in Round 4 was huge. However, Les Bleus, the national football team was successful enough to wrap up the well-deserved Grand Slam in 2022. This was perhaps a Six Nations title that was being worked upon for a total of three years. France had the potential and players that played well in tournaments even winning the championships in 2020 and 2021. Nevertheless they collapsed at breakthrough moments even after defeating England and Wales – the eventual winners in both years. Soon France claimed the Six Nations Grand Slam with a win over England. France has so many strengths that other nations do not stand a chance. 

They have a strong set piece with talented backs and powerful forwards. There is a mean defense and a fortress home stadium with very large supportive crowds. They switched off during tests and almost lost to Ireland in Round 2. Despite giving a fast start, France might have given England some hope of winning. However, they did not lose their vigor and were able to score exactly what they intended to. Scrum-half Antoine Dupont has remained the best player in the world. This 25 year old is of great importance to France. He scored 18 tries in France’s last 15 Home Tests. France has emerged as a growing power in every facet since the 2019 World Cup that was held in Japan. If France travels to Dublin and Twickenham in 2023 and is successful in attaining victories, there might be some chance. 

Six Nations 2022 Ireland

Andrew David Farrel, the present coach for the Ireland rugby team feels satisfied with the team spirit. Even though Irealnd missed out on the title, they are content with their efforts. For the first time since 2018, they earned a Triple Crown success. This was a very fashionable victory. They crushed Wales, England and Scotland to obtain bonus point wins in all three Tests. In Round 2 they traveled to France, giving them a defeat for 30-24. They outscored Les Bleus to three ties to two and exited with a losing bonus point. Then for their five championship Tests in 2021, Ireland gained a bonus point in each. They scored 24 tries which were 4 against Wales, 3 against France, 9 against Italy, 4 against England and 4 against Scotland. They finished way ahead in terms of the points difference of 105 in comparison to France’s 68.

Ireland has never scored as many ties as this in their entire sport history. They made more linebreakers – about 30 – which were more than anyone else. In the team young players have been combined with a well-experienced lot for great effect. Andy Farrell’s team ended their 2021 Six Nations tournament in great enthusiasm. They also showcased immense sportsman spirit in autumn and went on to show similar progress in 2022. Even though Ireland did not win the title, they have hope. France and England will be coming to Dublin the following year. The World Cup is still 18 months away with Ireland in great shape. They will also compete against New Zealand in a Three-test series this July. It will be live on Sky Sports and they are looking to win in the country for the very first time. 

When will the 2022 Six Nations take place?

This international competition which takes place every year has six teams competing against each other. England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. These six nations in the union will combat each other in an international rugby match. There will be a total of five weekends packed with exciting rugby matches. This is more than enough to bring out the sports enthusiast in the local supporters. Saturday, 5th February is when the fixture schedule for the 2022 Six Nations Championship will take place. Ireland will secure the first match of the tournament. This will be held against Wales who are the defending champions. The next match that will follow will be at BT Murrayfield where Scotland will be hosting England. Then at the Stade de France in Paris on Sunday 6th February, 2022. France will host Italy for a match in the six nations 2022. 

The end date for this tournament has been intended to be Saturday, 19th March, 2022. This is when all the three fixtures of Round 5 will take place on the same day. It is known as “Super Saturday.” According to the schedule and venues already decided. Starting with Wales VS Italy at Principality Stadium in Cardiff. Then Ireland VS Scotland and Dublin. Finally ending with France VS England in Stadium de France. The tickets are distributed by the Host Union of the match. Only a limited number of tickets are available for the supporters of the visiting Union. For Wales VS Scotland you should contact the Welsh Rugby Union. If you live in Scotland then you can also contact the Scotland Rugby Union. To ensure you avoid any fraud, purchase tickets from an official source always. The Union should be approached for any details about the tickets or suppliers. 

What is the Women’s Six Nations Championship 2022?

This international rugby competition is held between the women’s teams from the six nations included. England has won 17 out of 26 competitions including the most recent edition in 2021. The matches are watched by a crowd of 14,689 at Kingsholm Stadium in Gloucester. The Red Roses beat Wales 58-5 in the opening game of the round. The next day double bill earned a 28-8 win for France over Scotland in Glasgow. Ireland got up for the championship 29-8 victory over Italy in Cork for the final game of that day. After a rest week, Wales hosted France in Cardiff on Friday. This was before Italy played Scotland and England took on Ireland.