Awesome Prize Giveaway Ideas to Win Customer’s Heart


Social media has let many brands start their small businesses. Now every person who has an idea and some investment starts their own business. There is very hard competition between the different brands. Every brand wants to go forward in this race. Brands use several strategies to attract the viewer. Every brand is trying to win the audience’s heart and wants them to buy their product.Just like this many brands get prize giveaway ideas.

Free things are liked by everyone. Everyone wants to get things that are given them as a prize. Just like this many brands get prize giveaway ideas. Miraculously these prize giveaway ideas work. When a prize is given to the participant of your brand’s giveaway contest, it motivates other participants as well. It is a perfect trick to catch the audience’s attention. In this article we will discuss that, what are some of the best prize giveaway ideas that will be helpful for your brand. 

Why brands need prize giveaways?

Professional prize giveaway is used to promote the brand. It is used for marketing purposes. Some people think it goes in brand’s loss because it is giving free prizes to the participants. But they have no idea how much profit a brand can get by this trick. Once the brand is successful in satisfying their customer mind, they have won the game. Participants will automatically fall for the brand. They will pay heed to the products of the brand and will buy from them. This is what a brand wants to do. They want to play with the customer’s minds and get the benefit from them by making them buy their products. Brands are very clever now. They know that first, they will spend some money and as a result, they can get double, triple or even more than that of it.

Best Prize Giveaway Ideas

Many prize giveaway ideas can play a meaningful role in your brand. It is a great strategy to promote your brand and small businesses. Today every business is using this technique to advertise their product. Brands do this to aware people of their brand and its products. Prize giveaways are given for a purpose. No brand is dumb enough to distribute its products without any cost. The ideas that are going to be discussed will help you a lot. If you are going to start your some business read this. And whenever you are going to start your business make sure you use all the latest techniques used by the other brand. Also, find and generate new best ways to make the audience more interested in your brand. Following are the most economical and attractive prize giveaways that will help to win the audience’s hearts.

Flash drives

Flash Drive

Flash drives are useful products. These are used to save data from different devices. It is used by people, almost every person has it and needs it. It is such a reasonable and useful product. You can give people flash drives to fulfill the need for their data saving. It goes one of the best giveaway prizes for the people. Whenever they will use that flash drive your brand will pop up in their mind.



Anything can be written in the diary. From some important point to a kid making lines on it anything can be done on it. It is a daily life product that is used by students, in offices, or even at home to write something. It can be a very good prize giveaway idea for any brand. Diary is something that does not fall in a very expensive range. It can be helpful for your brand’s followers to save the money of the diary and get it by you. This way they can save the money of buying a diary. 



The pen is one of the cheapest prize giveaways. When any of the brands are not strong enough to afford the other expensive giveaways they start to distribute pens having their logos on them. Something is better than nothing! Despite not giving anything, use this giveaway technique. It will be able to promote your brand and make awareness for your brand among people.

Water bottles

Water Bottles

Water is an essential need of life. This is something a human cannot live without. So this way the demand for water bottle can never be lessened. It is one of the best prize giveaway ideas. As a giveaway water bottle can be used. Add your brand’s logo on it so people can recognize you whenever they see the name and logo of your brand.

Sticky notes

Sticky Notes

All must be well aware of sticky notes. These are very convenient to use. Whenever or where ever you get an idea or remember any point. Take out a sticky note and jot down your point on it. This is such an interesting and cute giveaway. People will love this. Try this sticky note as a prize giveaway, it is such a cute gesture with less use of money.



Who doesn’t wants to get a new bag when it is free of cost? The bag is a very useable giveaway. Bags are used everywhere. You can carry your important stuff with you everywhere. The bag has many other advantages as well. Life can be a bit lighter when you have a bag. Then let your brand choose the bag as a prize giveaway item for your followers and prize winners. 

Key chains

Key Chains

Key chains are a very functional type of giveaway. Many people suffer from the issue of losing their keys. When the keys are attached to the keys they become a little easy to find out and place. People can connect their keys with it. People will be very thankful to you when they will stop wasting their time while finding keys.



In the pandemic time, sanitizers have become the need of life. Why not choose a sanitizer bottle with your brand’s logo on it for your brand’s advertisement. It is always a good idea to distribute the prize among people that is a need to them. When we look at the surroundings, we can analyze that sanitizer is a very good option as best prize giveaway ideas. 



From home to office and everywhere else, cups are serviceable. These cups are use to drink water, serve coffee and tea. It can’t be ignored in our daily routine life. Print your logo and your brand’s name on it. Use it as a prize giveaway for your customers. It is a good tip to grab your client’s attention.    


Best prize giveaway ideas are a need of every new business starter person. Every person is searching for strategies and tips that will help to let them speed up their business. All the tricks use before to promote the brand and the tricks use today are entirely different. In this article, tips are gives so that the brand’s promotion goes higher and higher.

People start to get the awareness of their brand on the other hand it convinces people to buy their products. These giveaway ideas are list here to inspire new people in the field of business. It will also motivate them to use these prizes as giveaways without getting into a loss. Thus read this article and pick out all the prize giveaway points that suit to run your brand. Use these tricks for the promotion of your brand, it will work. These ideas will not fail trust me!

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