Privacy is a Necessity, not a Luxury


Privacy is a Necessity, not a Luxury. Privacy is something that is often taken for granted, but in the internet age, it is becoming harder and harder to keep your personal information private. With so much information available online, it is easy for people to track what you are buying, where you are living, and even who you are talking to and what you’re talking about.

Some social media apps like Facebook have ignored the need for privacy of people time and again. Their breach of privacy has made people understand how crucial it is to choose an app that understands and respects your privacy at all times. World Noor is your safest Facebook alternate!

How social media has infiltrated our lives

Technology has advanced at a rapid pace, and one of the biggest changes has been how social media has infiltrated our lives. We use these platforms to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers, but we often forget that these sites are also tracking our every move.

Since these sites are constantly collecting data, they can manipulate our emotions in a way that’s difficult to escape. For example, Facebook might show you ads for products that are related to the things you’ve been interested in recently. This type of advertising is known as “targeting”, and it can be incredibly persuasive.

It’s no surprise that this kind of advertising is controversial. Some people argue that it’s invasive and takes away our privacy. Others say that it enables businesses to reach a larger audience more easily. The truth is that we don’t really have an answer for this problem yet. we just have to be aware of how it works and make sure that we don’t let Facebook or any other site control our lives too much

The need for privacy in the age of social media

We live in a time where technology is constantly evolving and we are faced with new decisions about how much information we want to share online. The issue of privacy has become increasingly important as we have more ways to share our personal data, whether it’s through social media, email, or our everyday lives.

As technologies change and evolve, so do the ways that people use and share their personal information. For example, when email first came out, many people were hesitant to send messages because they worried that their addresses would be revealed. However, over time, email became more common and people began to trust that their addresses would not be released.

Nowadays, we are faced with similar decisions about our personal information. For example, when we use social media platforms, we are sharing our personal information such as our name, age, location, and interests. In addition to this, we are also sharing photos and videos of ourselves which can easily be shared with others.

While it may seem harmless to share some of our personal information on social media platforms, it is worth considering the implications of doing so. For example, if someone knows your age or your address, they can easily access that information. In addition, photos and videos of us can be used to manipulate or harm us in various ways.

Therefore, it is important to think about the implications of sharing our personal information online. We need to weigh the benefits of using a particular platform against the risks of revealing too much information. For example, if we are not comfortable sharing all of our personal information on social media platforms, we may want to consider using alternative platforms.

Another important factor to consider when it comes to privacy is how our personal information is used by companies. For example, many companies use your personal information to target you with ads. While this may seem harmless at first, it can be intrusive and annoying. If we do not want companies to use our personal information in this way, we need to be aware of what they are doing and opt-out if possible.

Overall, privacy is an important issue that we need to think about when using technology. We need to weigh the risks and benefits of sharing our personal information before making any decisions

Privacy is a necessity – not a luxury

Privacy is a necessity, not a luxury. Unfortunately, many people do not understand this concept and take it for granted. In today’s society, we are constantly exposed to advertisements and marketing schemes that try to convince us that we need to buy things in order to improve our lives. 

With the advancement of technology, it has become easier for businesses and individuals to share personal information. Unfortunately, this has also made it easier for others to invade your privacy. Here are four ways in which technology has compromised your privacy:

1. Surveillance: Technology allows businesses and governments to track your every move. They can collect data about your activity, such as what websites you visit, what apps you use, and even where you are at all times.

2. Tracking: Technology can also be used to track your online activity. This means that companies can keep track of what you buy, where you go on the internet, and who you talk to.

3. Data Breach: Your data can be stolen in a data breach. This means that someone gains access to your personal information, such as your name, address, email address, and credit card numbers.

4. Identity Theft: If your personal information is stolen, it can be used to commit identity theft. This means that someone uses your name and other personal information to fraudulently open new accounts or make unauthorized purchases.

Facebook and its lack of privacy

In today’s world, everyone is pretty hooked on Facebook. The site is one of the most popular online, and it’s no secret that Facebook is a great tool for staying connected with friends and family. But there are a few downsides to Facebook – namely, the fact that Facebook doesn’t always take privacy seriously.

Facebook is constantly collecting data on what you’re looking at and how you’re interacting with the site. This data is used to create profiles for each user, which can then be used to target ads and sell products. However, Facebook doesn’t always disclose all of this information – which can be confusing and scary for some users.

In order to protect your privacy, it’s important to understand exactly what data Facebook is collecting and how it’s being used. If you don’t want your profile data shared with third party advertisers, it’s important to limit the visibility of your posts and pages. You can also set up a private profile for specific uses (like business dealings), or encrypt your account so that only you can access it.

The Recent Nebraska Teen Case

After using a search warrant to access their private Facebook chats, which discussed ending the adolescent’s pregnancy, investigators have charged a Nebraska teen and her mother with a number of felonies related to an illegal abortion.

One of the affidavits from June described a detective’s request for a search warrant to access the mother and daughter’s Facebook messages. The affidavit informed the court that police required this information to determine “whether the baby was stillborn or asphyxiated.”

This story is proof that Facebook stores all your information and your data is not entirely secure. Your private data can be easily hacked or Facebook itself can reveal or sell it if need be. 

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Millions of Facebook users’ personal information was illegally obtained by the British consulting company Cambridge Analytica in the 2010s, mostly for the purpose of political advertising.

According to The Times, the most significant known Facebook data leak occurred in 2014 when Cambridge Analytica’s contractors and employees acquired the private Facebook data of tens of millions of users in order to sell the psychological profiles of American voters to political campaigns.

In its investigation, the ICO found that Facebook breached data protection laws by failing to keep users’ personal information secure, allowing Cambridge Analytica to harvest the data of up to 87 million people without their consent worldwide. The now-defunct firm worked for the Trump presidential campaign and used the data to influence several elections around the world.

Facebook’s Data Breach

The most recent and one of the biggest data breaches occurred some time before August 2019. The personal data of over 530 Million people, including their names, phone numbers, locations as well as email IDs were scraped, but this information was not made public knowledge. 

An internal Facebook email was accidentally sent to a Belgium-based Data News, where this data scraping news was released. It also suggested that many more such incidents were expected by Facebook. Facebook planned to frame it as an industry problem and decided to give as few statements on the matter as possible. 

Such data leaks have become a routine for Facebook and are extremely dangerous. They are a constant threat to your privacy. Sadly, now Facebook data leaks are not even considered something new. With Facebook, it’s “another day, another Facebook data breach”!

WorldNoor- Your Secure Partner

You may have heard the saying “privacy is a necessity, not a luxury.” And while that may be true for some people, it’s not always the case for others. For those of you who don’t worry about your privacy, here are five reasons why you should care about it:

1. You Have a Right to Privacy

First and foremost, you have the right to privacy. This means that you can control who can see your personal information and what they can do with it.

2. Your Personal Info Can Be Used Against You

Your personal info can be used against you in a number of ways. For example, hackers could use your name and address to steal your possessions or bank account information.

3. Your Personal Info Could End Up In the Wrong Hands

If someone obtains your personal info without your permission, they could use it to commit fraud or other crimes. Additionally, your personal info could be leaked if it’s not properly protected.

These are just a few, very basic reasons for caring more about your privacy, especially on social media. The most important thing these days is choosing the right platform, that doesn’t sell your personal information for the sake of a few bucks. Because it’s Privacy>>>>Money!

WorldNoor is your partner in such times. We have made sure that your information remains secure with us. We provide constant support and can also provide on-premise deployment so your data remains ONLY with you.


Privacy is a necessity for many people. Whether it’s because they work in an industry that necessitates discretion or due to personal safety concerns, individuals need privacy to do their jobs and live their lives without fear of ridicule or retribution. 

In the age of social media, privacy is becoming rare. WorldNoor provides you with this rarity. Sign up and test it yourself. Let’s join hands to make privacy and security available for everyone, even if Facebook doesn’t offer us this necessity!