Fun of La Tomatina/Tomato Fight

From the April Fair of Seville to the Canary Islands’ Carnival, Spain has a scope of enthusiastic conventional celebrations that places local people and travelers in a cheerful environment. Because of an abundance of music, dance, and profound regular dishes. One of the most famous events is La Tomatina/Tomato Fight. 

In any case, shockingly enough, one of the most entrancing celebrations in the nation rotates around an untidy food battle. Notable across the globe, La Tomatina happens each year on the last Wednesday of August. It happens in the city of Buñol, in Valencia, and it brings great many individuals who accumulate to, well… toss tomatoes at one another for 60 minutes! 

Fun, and tumultuous, this overall lauded tomato battle is an extraordinary thing for voyagers to incorporate — and verify — their list of must-dos. To assist you with making the most out of the celebration, we made a thorough aide with all that you really wanted to think about Buñol’s yearly tomato battle. 


Make sure to twofold actually take a look at COVID 19 safety measures, conventions, and working hours before you visit any of these destinations. 

Heading out To Valencia, Spain 

Heading out To Valencia, Spain

About Valencia 

Elevated perspective on Valencia’s shore dabbed with verifiable structures, in Spain 

Situated on Spain’s southeastern coast, on the banks of the Turia waterway, Valencia is an energetic port city embellished with a bounty of old Moorish structures and Gothic developments. 

Valencia is situated inside 90 minutes from Madrid and three hours from Barcelona via train. And it’s generally known for facilitating conventional celebrations and festivities, like Las Fallas. Most obviously, the popular La Tomatina celebration. 

With a normal of 300 days of daylight each year, Valencia is an incredible all year objective. In the event that you go throughout the late spring, you’ll have the option to partake in a portion of the city’s best sea shores. 

However, in the event that you need to keep away from hordes of vacationers, attempt to go during the offseason. Especially during May and June when the climate is as yet wonderful and warm. 

Beside facilitating clamoring celebrations and being home to paradisiac sea shores, Valencia is likewise home to the La Ciutat de les Arts I les Ciències. Usually called City of Arts and Sciences. A social and structural complex that is viewed as one of the top attractions in Spain! 

What To Eat And Drink In Valencia 

1. Paella Valenciana:

Overall known as Spain’s staple dish, paella started in Valencia, and it’s an unquestionable requirement pursue voyagers who are visiting the district. However, uniquely in contrast to what many individuals think, the Paella Valenciana doesn’t convey fish. It’s really made with other normal fixings, like bunny, chicken, bomba rice, and garrofón (a kind of huge white bean) among others. 

For attempting the best paella in Valencia, ensure you avoid touristy eateries where the dish is pre-made, frozen, and warmed. A flavorful and genuine paella is constantly specially made, and it requires no less than 30 minutes to finish. 

Likewise, it ought to be served in the skillet it was ready in, and the base layer of the rice normally has a firm caramelized outside, which is called socarrat. Probably the most applauded paella eateries in Valencia are the Restaurante Levante, La Pepica, Casa Roberto, Restaurante Navarro, and Casa Carmela. 

Beside trying the conventional paella, ensure you likewise taste in the staple beverage of Valencia: horchata de chufa. Invigorating and ideal for warm mid-year days, this non-alcoholic velvety drink is made with the smooth juice of tiger nuts. And it started in Valencia in the thirteenth century. The beverage is so famous across Spain that extraordinary “horchataria” shops are devoted to serving it. 

Where To Stay in Valencia, Spain: 

Ethereal view from Serranos towers on the old town of Valencia, in Spain 

To appreciate Valencia without limit, lease a loft in the downtown area. You can pick an innovator Spanish condo in the El Carmen verifiable area, which is very focal. Other very much found regions for you to remain in Valencia are Ciutat Vella (Valencia Old Town), L’Eixample, El Cabanyal, Poblats Marítims, and Benimaclet. 

Going From Valencia to Buñol: 

Going From Valencia to Buñol

Ethereal perspective on the notable focal point of Buñol, in Valencia, Spain 

Situated in the territory of Valencia, Buñol is a modest community where the Tomatina occurs. The celebration is the city’s primary fascination, so the vast majority choose remaining in the capital city of Valencia, and afterward go for a roadtrip to Bunõl. 

Bunõl is situated inside 40 minutes of Valencia, and there are multiple methods of arriving. In the event that you pass via vehicle, simply take the A3 parkway towards Madrid/Aeropuerto. And afterward take exit 322 towards VP-3031/Buñol. 

In the event that you need a more reasonable choice, you can take an immediate transport withdrawing from Valencia — 265 or L267A — and showing up at Buñol – Av. Dr. Beltran Vaguena 2. Transports withdraw at regular intervals and work each day. The excursion takes around 55 min. Tickets cost around 6€. 

There’s an immediate train (C3) that withdraws from Valencia Estaciò Del Nord (North Railway Station), and landing in Bunõl. Services withdraw hourly and work each day. The excursion takes around 1 h 7 min. 

Complete Guide To La Tomatina Festival: 

The History of the Tomato Throwing Festival: 

At any point asked why Spain has a food battle celebration where individuals simply have a great time while tossing tomatoes at one another? We clarify. While the starting points of the celebration are obscure, there’s a well-known story that tells everything started coincidentally in August 1945. 

There was a strict procession occurring in Buñol. And a group of youngsters began tossing tomatoes that had tumbled from the bed of a passing truck. 

The tomato tossing turned into a thing, and it proceeded for a couple of years until it was prohibited during the 1950s by city authorities. Later on, in 1957, individuals of Buñol held a stylized tomato funeral, getting a tomato into a casket to communicate their discontent. In 1959 the boycott was lifted and La Tomatina turned into a Festivity of International Tourist Interest in 2002. 

What Happens During La Tomatina? 

La Tomatina is presently held out of appreciation for St. Louis Bertrand — the benefactor holy person of Bunõl. On the last Wednesday of August. Viewed as the greatest food battle on the planet, La Tomatina begins at 10 am with individuals gathering in the Plaza del Pueblo. 

At 11:00 am, a shot demonstrates the beginning of the tomato tossing, which goes on until 12:00 p.m. At the point when another shot signals the end. Now, no more tomatoes can be tossed. 

The After Party: 

While the battle needs to stop definitively at 12 pm, the party goes on thereafter. Beginning around 2011, Valencia has been facilitating an authority La Tomatina After Party, which has in short order become as large as the actual celebration. The party occurs the evening of the tomato battle and runs from around 7 pm until around 5 am. 

Passes To La Tomatina: 

Starting around 2013, the City Council of Bunol specified that individuals need to purchase tickets ahead of time to enter the celebration. There’s a restricted measure of tickets accessible in order to stay away from a squash and different risks on the town’s little roads. Just individuals with the passage ticket (wristband) will be permitted into Buñol on that day. 

There are likewise various kinds of premium bundles, including official section tickets, with advantages and advantages for travelers. 

Type and Prices Range: 

“Ruler and Princesses Experience” La Tomatina Valencia Day Trip €89,00 

“Rulers and Queens Experience” La Tomatina Valencia Day Trip €99,00 

“Platinum Full Warrior Experience” La Tomatina Valencia Day Trip €119,00 

“Gold Experience” La Tomatina Barcelona Day Trip €119,00 

“Gold Experience” La Tomatina Madrid Day Trip €119,00 

“Platinum Full Warrior Experience” La Tomatina Barcelona Day Trip €139,00 

“Platinum Full Warrior Experience” La Tomatina Madrid Day Trip €139,00 

La Tomatina Deluxe Experience 2 evenings accommodation €229,00 

The Ultimate La Tomatina Survival Guide 

Individuals shrouded in tomato juice during La Tomatina, in Spain 

The 5 Rules 

  • Try not to bring bottles or hard articles as they can cause mishaps and hurt different members; 
  • Try not to tear others’ T-shirts; 
  • You should crush the tomatoes prior to tossing them as this diminishes the effect; 
  • Guarantee you stay away from the trucks; 
  • When you hear the subsequent shot, you should quit tossing tomatoes. 

Top Tips and Things to Avoid in The Festival: 

  • Try not to wear goes back and forth. To begin with, in light of the fact that somebody can inadvertently step on your foot, and you may get injured. Second, since you can without much of a stretch lose them during the celebration; 
  • Wear garments that you’re willing to discard subsequently; 
  • Wear clothing with fixed pockets where you can keep a couple of things, and dress easily. You can even zip lock some money and pocket it; 
  • Try not to focus on the structures, just different members; 
  • Use eye goggles to ensure your eyes; 
  • Leave the selfie stick at home. Assuming you need to take photos, yet don’t need your telephone shrouded in tomato juice, take a waterproof camera all things considered. 

5 Fun Facts About La Tomatina: 

  • In excess of 120,000 Pounds Of Tomatoes Are Thrown 
  • Not by some coincidence, the celebration is known as the “world’s greatest food battle”. 
  • The Food Fight Lasts for just an hour 
  • The tomato tossing begins at 11 am and goes on until 12 pm. Now, no more tomatoes can be tosse. 
  • The Fight Starts With… A Ham! 

La Tomatina possibly begins when a ham is recover from on a lubed post in the primary town square. The second the cut of ham is drop from the post, trucks stack with tomatoes enter and the battle starts. 

There Are Similar Festivals Around the World:

La Tomatina has propelled comparable festivals all throughout the planet, and today different urban areas like Colorado, USA, Sutamarchán, in Colombia, and Dongguan, China, have tomato battles; 

  • Around 20,000 People Participate 
  • Counting local people and explorers from everywhere the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions About La Tomatina: 

Q. The amount Does It Cost to Go To La Tomatina? 

La Tomatina is at this point not free, and the celebration’s entrance charge begins at 12€. 

Q. Is La Tomatina Dangerous? 

Many individuals are wavering with regards to La Tomatina, as the tomato tossing may appear to be unnerving and hazardous. To guarantee everybody’s wellbeing, the celebration has assembled a bunch of decides that incorporate everything from clothing regulation to proper conduct. 

Q. Is La Tomatina Suitable for Children? 

The City Council of Buñol doesn’t put an age limitation on the people who can take part in the tomato battle. Be that as it may, the celebration will in general become busy and a lot of liquor are burn-through. So, it probably won’t be the best insight for families with youngsters. 

Q. When and Where Is La Tomatina Celebrated? 

It’s hung on the last Wednesday of August every year in the town of Buñol, close to Valencia in Spain 

Q. Is La Tomatina A Waste of Food? 

Local people don’t believe the celebration to be a misuse of food. The tomatoes used for La Tomatina are nothing but bad for whatever else. As they’re going to begin decaying. Others are of such bad quality that they are basically unpalatable. 

Q. Why Was La Tomatina Banned? 

In the mid-1950s, the celebration was restrict by Spanish tyrant Francisco Franco for having no strict importance. 

Q. What Should I Wear To La Tomatina? 

Make a point to wear garments that you wouldn’t fret discarding after the tomato battle. Keep away from back-peddles and elusive shoes.