List of iOS Facebook App Alternatives for Your iOS Device

Facebook was at first grown solely for the web, and it works perfectly on it. In any case, the issue lies with mobile. The application, as well as the mobile site, are normal, no doubt. Their usefulness and performance are not sufficient. And the application even sucks out the battery duration from your iOS device. So we discuss on IOS Facebook App Alternatives.

Also, indeed, we have heard the various guarantees from Facebook that they are working on the experience. Yet it never takes care of business out for them. In the event that you’ve been on the chase after a feasible option. Something compared to the authority Facebook application for your iPhone or iPad, we have a couple of choices for you to look over.

Facebook Alternative Apps For iPhone and iPad

#1 WorldNoor

Facebook Alternative Apps For iPhone and iPad

WorldNoor is one of the emerging social media platforms which has connected us with the world better. You can share pictures, videos, files on this platform with friends. It is a multilingual social networking site. You can chat with your foreign friends in any language you want. One amazing feature is the audio translator. By any chance, if you are in a hurry or have weak eyesight then you can convert texts into audio. This saves time and effort too.

Moreover, WorldNoor kids is a safe platform for children to use. It is free from any violence or adult content. This section is completely safe for kids to use. They can share relevant content with the friends of their age group.

WorldNoor is a social media platform that is free of discrimination. It gives everyone a chance to speak up. Moreover, there are no barriers of race, ethnicity, religion, or geography. There is no space for injustice. Social platforms like WorldNoor provide its users with opportunities to raise issues and concerns without being oppressed for no reason. Since people depend on social media for information, it’s a platform where users will find accurate information. This is the best iOS Facebook App Alternatives.

Incitement of violence is not supported on this platform. It encourages people to socialize and connect with other people around the globe. The aim is to bring people together rather than falling apart. Hate speech has no place over here. When brands permit hate speech and discriminatory speech on their social media pages, they become associated with it.

WorldNoor is a platform for you to come together and save humanity. Additionally, it is the most complete social media platform. You can share any kind of multimedia file and document as long it does not harm the peace of humanity.

Furthermore, you can check on your friends and people leaving around the world to support them. Mostly due to political or racial issues, some people never get a chance to participate.

But it is not the case in WorldNoor. Irrespective of caste, color, religion, race, or localities, anyone can participate and become a part of the WorldNoor Community. The ease of use help users to understand the app and benefit from its features. One unique feature is the audio and text translators for posts.

#2 Social Media Vault

This is a fairly broad type of application. Besides the fact that it offers Facebook and Instagram support. Yet, it likewise allows you to sign in and oversee north of 25 records. It is done via virtual entertainment platforms including Twitter, Skype, Google Plus and even Pinterest.

For Facebook, Social Media Vault offers a basic and moderate feel. That is suggestive of the iOS versatile site. Moreover, that implies it’s a nitty gritty application for your scrutiny. This is the best iOS Facebook App Alternatives.

By and large it’s really great for getting to different web-based entertainment handles from one spot.

#3 Quickly for Facebook

As the name proposes, Quickly is a ‘speedy’ approach to getting to Facebook on your iOS device. Especially when contrasted with the official application on the application store. It offers every one of the features that you would ordinarily see on the genuine article. Aside from that, you can likewise change the platform pictures, send emojis. Moreover, you can set redid ringtones for message cautions and even send clients your area. This is the best iOS Facebook App Alternatives.

The Quickly application likewise bends over as a photograph altering application. It has impacts like work of art, old photograph, lomo, and red light to brighten up your snaps. However, the publicize video visit feature just work on iOS, when the two players introduce this application.

#4 Puffin for Facebook

This is one of the strangest options for the iOS Facebook application out there. It saves battery by not sending you any notices whatsoever. Thus, assuming you are about the live updates, this one’s likely not really for you. Be that as it may, assuming you need some additional juice, read on.

This application is essentially the Puffin program, redid for Facebook with the basic role of saving you valuable information and battery. It’s additionally very quick and turns out best for slow Internet connection, by bundling the data on the application. As a matter of course, photographs are shown at a lower goal. However, you can simply shake the telephone to see a picture in full quality.

By and large it’s another wrapper application for Facebook with restricted features. Be that as it may, not at all like others, it’s quick, advanced for battery and totally Free. (Free as in no Ads or IAP)

#5 Friendly for Facebook (Top pick)

Cordial is an extraordinary lightweight option in contrast to the official Facebook application. It offers admittance to both your Facebook and Instagram. So, it turns into your all-in-one resource for sharing photographs as well as message refreshes. It is uncommonly upgraded for battery protection and will be fine regardless of whether it is running behind the scenes. The free form has advertisements, which can be taken out by IAP of $3.

Since it’s a wrapping for Facebook, you can send and get messages without downloading messaging application. It likewise upholds pop-up messages for messages and notices, which works pretty precisely in our testing. By and large, on the off chance that you can eliminate the advertisements. Then it can turn into a total trade for the Facebook application.

Facely HD for FacebookSocial Media VaultQuickly for FacebookPuffin for FacebookFriendly for Facebook
PriceFree (with Ads) | $3Free (with Ads) | $2Free (or $1 to unlock more features)Free (no Ads)Free (with Ads) | $3
Push NotificationNoNoYesYesYes
Send and Receive MessagesYesYesYesYesYes
Available for iPhone/iPadYes/YesYes/YesYes/YesYes/YesYes/Yes
Extra FeaturesSupports social apps like such as Instagram and ESPNSupport 25+ social media accounts.Supports video chat, but only when both sides install this appOptimize for Battery and DayaSupports multiple Facebook, Instagram or Messenger accounts


While the quantity of good Facebook options on iOS is presently to some degree restricted. These five applications work the best and will help with covering the deficiencies of the official application. You can use them till Facebook improves. Do tell us your #1 one out of these. Or on the other hand in the event that you have one that isn’t highlighted here.

Likewise, in the event that you seldom use Facebook, why not use its mobile form. You can do it rather than using or downloading an outsider application. For speedy access, you can likewise include an shortcut on your desktop.