What are the Best Employee Onboarding Techniques?

Employee Onboarding is a process that starts from the day when an employee is hire till the day he joins the office. After accepting the joining letter how the company treats them is all covered under the onboarding process. The newly hire employees are introduce to the company, goodies are hand over and some other moves are made to make the employee feel value.

Different companies use strategies of onboarding for their employees. Companies can be small or big but the strategies that they use are different. Every company has a different onboarding process according to its culture and the company size. Companies are always looking for the best strategies to make a better onboarding. They want to make their employees feel great after joining their company.  There are a lot of techniques that make the onboarding process very interesting. Let’s discuss some of the points to make the process of onboarding wonderful.

Introduction Session with the Team

When employees are newly hired, they are not comfortable because they are not familiar with the new culture of the company. They are unaware of the attitudes of the other employees and the culture of the office. So on their first day, they are very confused and want the company to make them comfortable. It is the first technique of employee onboarding that gives an introduction session to the newly hired employee. Introduce them to the other employees of the company. In this way, the employee will start feeling familiar with the other employees. Other employees will know the newly hired employee’s name, education, and previous work experience. It is beneficial for both the newly hired employee and the other employees of the company. This introduction session can play a meaningful role in employee onboarding. The employee will start to feel easy after the introduction session surely.

Communicate with New Hires

Communication is a way to make other people get involved and feel easy. It is natural that on the first day, the newly hired employees are very worried and not easy because of the new workplace. It is also possible that they don’t have their some friend or known person so they are alone. They have no one to talk to or share the problems they are facing in their new office. It is very important to make a good source of communication with the new employee because it helps to lower down his stress and anxiety.  and is an important part of employee onboarding that you don’t let the newly hired employee feel left out. It takes no time to check on them via sending a text message, making a phone call, or talking to them by going into their cabin. This way the employee will feel motivated and will work efficiently.

Handover a booklet of Company Policies

It is not a good idea to hand over several pages to the new employee on their first day. It is always a bad idea that while employee onboarding asks new employees to read out the policies and write down on the paper what they get from it. So we should think about a good idea other than this idea.  It is a good idea to handover them a booklet of company policies that asks them to read in their spare time. Don’t implement reading that policy booklet at the moment. In this way, the employee considers it into the task of the day. But if you just simply hand over the booklet and make them read according to choice. It gives them a sense of easing them.  They feel less pressured and on the other hand, they can read the policy which they need to study. They cannot learn every policy so they can keep the booklet and benefit from it anytime.

Schedule of the Week

Schedule the first week of the employee before employee onboarding. Scheduling their first week can be very beneficial for the new employees. Because when they are new they take small tasks even very seriously. This happens because they are newly hired, they are under pressure because they need to prove themselves in their new office. So it is advised to set a schedule of the new employee so that he/she can study it before and work efficiently. Don’t surprise them with new tasks suddenly. It will be difficult for them to cope up with. When the employees will have a schedule of the week they can easily manage their weekly tasks and can show a better performance. As it the only mission of the newly hired employees is to show the best performance in the office. This technique of employee onboarding can be very useful to lessen the pressure on new employees. 

Make their First Day Memorable

When an employee is hired by a new company he/she is very shy and confused. It is part of employee onboarding to make them feel comfortable. It is a great employee onboarding technique to make the employee’s first day at your office memorable. If the employee’s first day at your office will go well, they will remember it forever. It will also become one of their best experiences. Now the question arises how to make their first day memorable? Many ideas can make the employee’s first day remarkable. You can call all of your office colleagues to make them wish their first day. Secondly, decorate their desk with small gifts and edible items like a pack of crisps and chocolate. Make the first-day card for them. When you will show these some gestures of love to the newly hired employee, they will remember it forever. 

Give them Time to Adjust

When the employees are newly hired in the office, they are not familiar with the culture of the office. They are not aware of the work type and people of the office. So that’s why it takes time for them to absorb things and provide the result that the company is asking for. Everywhere in the world, it is impossible to give results on the first days according to your mindset. A new employee doesn’t know sometimes that what the boss is asking for. So it takes time for a new employee to understand that. Give your employees space and time to adjust. Do not expect much from them at the start. They have potential that’s why they are hired but don’t ask them to prove in the initial days. This is a great employee onboarding technique, it will relax the new employee and work more efficiently.

Handover them a Gift bag

Gift hampers from a company show the value of the colleague in their office. It is a good idea to present a welcome pack in the employee onboarding. It is a very positive way to treat your newly hired employees. In this way, the employees realize their importance in the office.  So, on the first day, hand over your newly hired colleagues a welcome pack. Now the question arises what you should fill in that gift or welcome pack? There are several ideas that a company can give the employee as a gift bag. Fill the welcome pack with a cup, edible items, headphones, bottle, pen, or t-shirts. These are some very general ideas that an average company can arrange easily. But if you belong to a big company and your company affords to give expensive gifts. Then you can add expensive items to the welcome pack. Best spa management software As a Gift.  

Organize a Welcome Party

On the first day of the employee, it is a great idea to organize a welcome party. We are not recommending organizing a big welcome party and using lots of money from the office. But it can be a small kitty party including coffee or tea with some biscuits or bakery items in the tea time. It surely can be an economical and very good gesture of welcoming a person. So organizing a party here is such a good idea to welcome newly hired employees to the office. This small event can make their life experience better, as compared to the other offices. Not every office is willing enough to arrange parties, so if you do it while employee onboarding. It will be a great idea and is going to hack the new employee’s heart. Organize a party, invite your colleagues to have coffee, biscuits and give a warm welcome to your colleagues. 


Several companies offer very good jobs. Every company has a different employee onboarding process. So it is advised that when an employee joins, give them little time to adjust as they are also human beings. They need time to adjust as they are from a different background and it will take time to adjust to the new culture of the office. Many other processes of employee onboarding are discussed in the article. These are the best techniques to motivate your employees and make them feel valued for their company. Once the employees start to feel valued they automatically start to work more efficiently. They give their best performance after this kind of motivation from their workplace. Thus, every company should opt for for the best employee onboarding ways for sake of motivating newly hired employees and to get the the best performances from them.