Who is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer?

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is a Jewish-American artist and painter who rose in popularity after she released her music video called Moo in 2018. She is famously known for being the mother of Doja Cat. She was born in the Sawyer family on January 1, 1970 and was given the middle name of Elizabeth. Her family worked as lumberjacks to earn their means of livelihood. Her city of birth is Los Angeles, California, USA. Deborah is 51 years as of now but her pictures deceive her age for she looks way younger.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer has remarkable beauty and elegance. The only feature which makes her actual age apparent is her yellowish white-blond hair. Although she is an American national, she belongs to a Jewish-American mixed origin. Her zodiac sign is Leo and she follows Christianity. Both her father’s and mother’s names are unknown but they are reported to have educated her very well. The famous American musician Doja Cat whose real name is Amala Zandile Dlamini is her daughter.  Get more info

Deborah is a very professionally talented person. Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer even starred in the shows called “Friends Don’t Let Friends Date” and “Martyrs The Chronicles of Blood.” She is also very crafty and prefers spending her time sketching, drawing and painting. She became a professional artist thanks to her mother-in-law. She usually drew and painted sketches of nature and environment. Her favorite artistic mediums were wax, oil and gouache. As a creative artist she has an imagination which knows no bounds. She loves to play with colors and is fascinated by creating new combinations to complement her wild spirit.

Nevertheless her favorite ones are red and yellow which have a sense of growth and devotion connected with them. As a person already immersed in this field of creativity, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer very well knows the importance of talent. Therefore, she fully supports her daughter in her musical passion. Deborah’s creative mindset and drive to achieve her dreams established her as a remarkable social media personality early on. This was in her teenage years and gradually her success peaked. She has a networth of 200000 USD as of 2021 which marks her as an influential personality. A major part of her earnings is from painting and art business. On the other hand her daughter has a net worth of 4 million USD. Doja Cat’s net worth is so high owing to her immense popularity as a rapper, singer and lyricist. 

Deborah’s daughter – Doja Cat

A supportive parent who pushes you forward and encourages you to explore your talents is indeed a blessing. Doja Cat has been one of the luckiest artists to have a mother who supports her to compile and release music on SoundCloud. Amongst many of her songs, the one called “So High” won the recognition of Kemosabe Records and RCA Records. This was just at the age of 17 that Doja Cat’s career took off for good. She signed a Joint Record Deal with Kemosabe Records and RCA Records. This was all due to the immense support of Deborah that her young daughter could get the right guidance.

In the music industry she did not feel lost since there was an elder to help her in every step of the process. From here onwards, in 2014 Doja Cat’s first appearance record was known as “EP Purrr.” She then took a short merchandising break and came back to release her first appearance studio album.

This was called “Amala” and was made public in 2018. However, it was not very well-received and the audience did not appreciate it much. Nevertheless it was an online meme that made all the difference. The album was such a sensational hit that Doja Cat’s failure turned into one of her biggest successes. Another reason for the popularity of the album was because of Doja Cat’s solo music track called “Mooo!” This was sees as a deluxe edition song to “Amala” by many fans. Along with these, the singer showed lots of progress in her skill and talent. In 2019 she went on to release more singles like “Juicy” and “Tia Tamera.” 

Doja Cat became a favorite amongst young teenagers when in 2019 her new album “Hot Pink” broke many records. It was name amongst the Top 10 of the US Billboard 200. This was a great achievement which won her worldwide recognition and applause. Now she proceeded straight uphill in her career journey. Her song called “Say So” also appeared in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She also decided to advance her reach and collaborated with other well-reputed artists like Nicki Minaj.

This was in the two solos that she release that were remixes and featured Nicki Minaj. Doja Cat’s fame as music video creator and composer is spreading rampantly. She has won many subscribers and followers on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Like and Moj. She has earned her respect amongst her fans due to her raw talent and passion for her art. Thus, she was nominate as a candidate for the Grammy Awards thrice! She is also the winner of the MTV Music Video Award for the Push Best New Artist along with two other American Awards. 

Personal Life

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer exchanged her marriage vows with Dumisani Dlamini, a South African film producer, song creator and actor. However, they are divorced and Dlamini’s current age is 57 years. The meeting of the ex-couple was quite like teenage romance. This was when Dlamini visited the US for the “Sarafina!” tour and decided to stay there. They both met at the right time and their chemistry instantly made them complement each other. Their love story is appealing due to the fact that they both shared the similar passion of showbiz industry. They were both actors and very skill and devote to their jobs.

And They fell in love at the spot and decided to spend their whole lives together and build a family. They both had two beautiful daughters and a handsome son. Doja Cat was the older daughter of the two. After this the couple planned to live in South Africa, Dlamini’s country of residence. Nevertheless, fate had planned something unfortunate for them and they both filed for a divorce at a later point in time. The actual reason for their divorce still remains unknown. However, according to Dlamini he grew quite homesick while living in the USA. The plan to move to South Africa did not materialize as he had hoped. This created a rift between Deborah and her husband. 

Their first daughter, Amala Zandile Dlamini aka Doja Cat was born in California on October 21, 1995. Despite being brought up by a single mother, Doja Cat learned ethics and appropriate principles or behaviors. Deborah has been an inspiring figure for a lot of people. This is especially true in her own daughter’s case. Doja Cat herself mentioned and paid gratitude to her mother for being the most supportive person to her in her teenage years. Doja Cat’s music was inspire by her mother for she remaine adamant to see her daughter succeed. Deborah did not give in to the society’s criticism. Doja Cat appeared on “The Hotbox,” a show on Dumbfounddead’s YouTube channel.

Here she mentioned that her mother was a very hip hop person who had lots of connections in the music industry. This helped Doja Cat learn a lot from the presence of great personalities her mother acquainted her to. Her mother was also responsible for maintaining a work environment related to music. This was done by Deborah playing famous rock music bands to enlighten the atmosphere. These included Erykah Badu, Earth, Wind, Seal, Fugees and many more. Moreover, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s ex-husband is a veteran South African actor and composer. In his native land is famous for his role as Crocodile, one of Mary Masombuka (Whoopi Goldberg). This is from the movie Sarafina based on South African apartheid. Other works where he was feature include Yizo Yizo, Drum and Insindiso. He is famous for being the father of the well-known musician Doja Cat and currently lives in South Africa. 

Facts about Deborah

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer’s children did not have a very good relationship with their father. This is because they never got the opportunity to know him personally for he left them in America and returned to South Africa. This was at a time when they were very young to create any memories with him. They had a rather estranged relationship with Dlamini and never got to experience the guardianship of a father figure.

However, Doja Cat mentioned that her father used to leave comments on her Instagram posts. This felt weird in the beginning but soon she realize it was only his way of making up for abandoning them. She did not resent him for the choices he made and eventually tried to forgive him. Nevertheless, this does not qualify the fact that Deborah had to single handedly raise her three children. Whilst also earning money for their living and other expenses.