BTS Festa 2023: A Decade of Togetherness

Are you a fan of BTS? If so, then you must know about their highly anticipated event of 2023 – BTS Festa! This annual celebration is not just any ordinary concert tour but a festival that commemorates the group’s debut anniversary. And in 2023, they will be celebrating their tenth year together as one of the most influential K-pop groups in history. But what makes this particular event even more exciting is its theme: Apobangpo (아포방포). With WorldNoor, we’ll explore everything you need to know about BTS Festa 2023.

Introduction to BTS

BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a global phenomenon in the world of K-pop. Comprised of seven talented members – RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook – BTS has captured the hearts of millions with its captivating music, energetic performances, and genuine personalities. 

Debuting in 2013 under the management of Big Hit Entertainment (now known as HYBE), BTS quickly gained attention for its thought-provoking lyrics, impressive rap verses, and powerful dance routines. They broke through barriers and resonated with audiences worldwide, transcending language and cultural boundaries.

Over the years, BTS has achieved unprecedented success, earning numerous accolades and setting numerous records. Their albums consistently top charts globally, and they have become the first Korean act to win Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, and even receive a Grammy nomination.

Beyond their musical achievements, BTS is renowned for their philanthropic endeavors and positive influence. They actively advocate for mental health awareness, youth empowerment, and speak out on social issues, using their platform to promote messages of love, acceptance, and self-empowerment.

The BTS ARMY, their dedicated fanbase, is a force to be reckoned with. The ARMY passionately supports the group, creating a strong bond and fostering a unique relationship between artists and fans. The annual BTS Festa serves as a special time for the ARMY to celebrate BTS’s anniversary, enjoy exclusive content, and feel closer to their beloved idols.

As BTS continues to evolve and push boundaries, they have become a symbol of inspiration, resilience, and unity, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry and captivating the hearts of fans worldwide.

The History of BTS Festa

BTS Festa has been an annual event celebrated by ARMYs around the world since 2014. It’s a special time of year when BTS celebrates their debut anniversary with their fans through various activities, performances, and surprises.

The first-ever BTS Festa was held on June 13, 2014, to celebrate the group’s one-year anniversary after debuting in 2013. The celebration started off small but grew bigger over the years as more fans joined the fandom.

In subsequent years, BTS Festa became a week-long event leading up to their debut anniversary on June 13th. Each day featured different activities for fans to enjoy, such as photo collections, video content, and fan meetings.

One notable aspect of BTS Festa is that it gives fans a glimpse into the group’s personal lives outside of music. They share behind-the-scenes moments from tours and recording sessions while also highlighting each member’s unique talents and personalities.

BTS Festa has become not only a celebration of BTS’ success but also a way for them to connect with their loyal fanbase on a deeper level.

What is Apobangpo?

Apobangpo is a term that may sound unfamiliar to some, but it holds significant meaning to ARMYs and BTS alike. The word itself originates from Bangtan Sonyeondan’s (BTS) dormitory name, Apgujeongro Bangtan Apoonganseo.

The members of BTS frequently use the shortened version “Apo” when referring to their dormitory as well as themselves as its inhabitants. As a result, “Apobangpo” has become a symbol of unity and brotherhood among the boys.

In addition to being a representation of their bond, Apobangpo has also been used in various ways throughout BTS’s career. For example, they have included it in song lyrics such as “2! 3!” where they sing about wanting to go back to the time spent at their dorm together.

Apobangpo serves as a reminder of BTS’s humble beginnings and how far they have come since then. It represents not only their strong connection with each other but also with their fans who continue to support them through thick and thin.

The Schedule of BTS Festa 2023

BTS’s 10th-anniversary Festa, a highly anticipated event for the BTS ARMY, took place from June 1 to June 17. This year’s Festa was special and different in several ways, including the absence of all members due to their temporary hiatus and military service. However, the excitement remained high as fans eagerly awaited the daily releases and surprises from their beloved group.

June 1, 2023: 

The Launch of BTS Everywhere BTS introduced their dedicated Festa website, BTS Everywhere, on May 1, which served as the central hub for all the Festa content this year.

June 3, 2023: Bang Bang Con 2023 and Dance Practice Videos On June 2, BTS delighted fans by live streaming three of their concerts on June 3 through Weverse and YouTube. They also released never-before-seen dance practice videos, including popular tracks like “Anpanman,” “Boy With Luv,” and “I Need You.”

June 7, 2023: 

Jimin’s Touching Live Performance Jimin surprised fans with an emotional acoustic live performance of his secret song, “Letter (Dear.ARMY),” from his “Face” album.

June 8, 2023: BTS’s “Apobangpo 10” Project Planning Video In a pre-filmed video, all the BTS members brainstormed and planned a special project to celebrate their connection with ARMY. They explored different mediums to convey heartfelt messages, such as messages displayed on planes and bus stops.

June 9, 2023: 

BTS’s Heartwarming Single “Take Two” Big Hit released the OT7 single, “Take Two,” as a token of appreciation for ARMY’s unwavering support and love. The song carried a message of gratitude and the desire to always be together with their fans.

June 10, 2023: 

Suga’s “Suchwita” Ep. 12 with Jin Suga treated fans to a new episode of “Suchwita” featuring a special guest appearance by Jin. The episode also included a surprise visit from J-Hope and a glimpse of Jungkook watching Jin shave his head before his military enlistment.

June 11, 2023: 

BTS’s 10-Year Twitter Survey Each BTS member participated in a fun Twitter survey, sharing their memorable moments and best tweets from the past 10 years. The survey sparked lively discussions among fans.

June 12, 2023: 

J-Hope’s Rock Version of “Arson” J-Hope delighted fans with a rock rendition of his solo track “Arson” from his album “Jack in the Box.”

June 13, 2023: 

BTS’s Dynamic Live Performance of “Take Two” BTS unveiled a captivating live performance of their new single, “Take Two,” along with individual-focused versions highlighting each member’s unique talents.

June 14, 2023: 

“BTS: Beyond the Story” Memoir Announcement As expected, BTS revealed their highly anticipated memoir, “BTS: Beyond the Story.” The announcement came with an intriguing one-minute trailer showcasing BTS’s growth since their debut in 2013.

June 16, 2023: 

V’s Mesmerizing Jazz Performance V mesmerized fans with a live performance of two jazzy covers, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” and “Cheek to Cheek.” Minna Seo joined him for a delightful duet, accompanied by a talented jazz band.

June 17, 2023: 

BTS’s Grand 10th Anniversary FESTA @ Yeouido BTS celebrated their milestone 10th anniversary with a grand in-person event at Yeouido Hangang Park in Seoul, South Korea. The festival featured special exhibition spaces, including BTS family portraits and a 10th Festa monument. Fans also enjoyed interactive experiences, such as temporary tattoo booths. The event concluded with a spectacular fireworks show.


It’s clear that this event was a special one. Celebrating ten years of Apobangpo means celebrating the incredible journey of BTS and their dedicated ARMY fans. From humble beginnings to global stardom, BTS has captured hearts around the world with their music, talent, and message of love and unity.

BTS’s Festa 2023 was a momentous celebration that allowed the group to express their gratitude to the ARMY while showcasing their diverse talents and deepening their connection with their fans. The 10th-anniversary festivities will be cherished by the BTS ARMY for years to come.