Best Alternative to Facebook

Social media applications are our number one entertainment. You must have been using Facebook for quite a long time. But don’t you get tired of that? I guess a little bit of change is good for everyone. For the past many years, we have heard about the hacking of people’s Facebook accounts. Privacy and security are the two main concerns of every social media user. But what if your application fails to deliver that? in this article we discuss best alternative to facebook.

We are here with a protected and secure application for all your social work. WorldNoor is fully protected from viruses, malware, and hackers. On the other hand, Facebook is becoming a hazard each day. Apart from being potentially addictive and hampering productivity, the service can make you vulnerable to malware, viruses, and even identity theft if you are not careful. 

These days, social media is one of the primary channels used by organizations to arrive at their intended interest groups. However, with such countless distinctive social networks accessible, how would you pick which will turn out best for you?

social media

It’s anything but a one-size-fits-all arrangement.

For instance, ongoing research has shown that youngsters and twenty to thirty year old are moving away from Facebook. And into other social platforms like WorldNoor, Instagram, and Snapchat. So, in case you’re basically focusing on youngsters, you might need to focus on your resources on building a more grounded presence on those platforms.

Let’s look at some wonderful features of WorldNoor. These features will persuade you to download WorldNoor and start using it today.

1.   WorldNoor for Kids:

One of the biggest distinguishing features of WorldNoor is the Kids Section. Does Facebook offer that? No. It is not even advised to use Facebook if you are under 18. But WorldNoor’s kid section can be used by kids. WorldNoor believes in safe social media for our kids. With WorldNoor for kids, you have full control over how your children socialize on WorldNoor. Create kid accounts using WorldNoor for kids. When they use these accounts, you can any time go into their accounts and check all their activities. You can block or allow posts, groups, pages, contacts, and other types of content for your kids using kid accounts you have created. With WorldNoor for kids, feel real peace of mind!

2.   Auto-Translation:

Best Alternative to Facebook

You can enable or disable auto-translation in WorldNoor’s messenger at any time. Messages could be translated into any language you want. Also, you can convert texts into audio messages if you are busy and have no time to read each message, Moreover, you can translate posts into any language you want.

Moreover, you can view the original text at any time you want. Or you can view translated text at any moment.

3.   People Nearby:

You can search for people living nearby and add them as friends. It shows people near you within a radius of 10km. Moreover, it can be increased up to 100kms also. Moreover, you can filter the people you want to search for by gender, either male or female. One more attractive thing is you can look up to people by their interests. For example, acting, games, singing, reading, and much more. Also, looking for people by their city is also easy.

4.   Go Live:

If you are a social person, then this one is for you. You can go live and talk to your friends while they are watching you. You can sing songs for them in a live video. Or you can let other people join you in live sessions. This option helps keep everyone stays connected. . Download the best alternative to Facebook and share everything live.

5.   Take Pictures and Upload:

Now you can click pictures within the WorldNoor app. Then you can upload them directly to your profile. Share your memories with other people. Show your friends what you are doing in life.

6.   Upload and Record Videos:

Upload and Record Videos

You can record videos in this application without any barriers. There is no hurdle in recording the videos you like. Moreover, you can upload your videos as well. In case you have a special talent like acting, dancing, singing. You can upload videos here. Then you can be well-known for your talent over this social media platform.

7.   Edit/ Save/ Secure Your Posts:

Don’t you like when you have full control of the content you share? Now you can do that on WorldNoor. You can edit and save your posts easily at any time. Even if your posts are quite old, you can still edit them or even delete them. Moreover, you can edit the privacy of each post. You might want to show your one post to the public but another one to friends. So, you can easily change the privacy settings of each post as you want.

8.   Watch Movies:

Watch Movie

WorldNoor’s entertainment section brings all fun to you. You can search for the latetst movies in this section. There are different movie trailers available on this platform. Also, movie reviews will help you know what others think about a certain movie. Moreover, we bring you celebrity news to keep up the spice. You can know about anyone or anything through WorldNoor.

9.   Weather Updates:

This social media platform will keep all the updates about your weather. You just enter a location and it will tell you it’s weather data of past and future days too. Have you ever used a social media app that tells you the weather as well? I am assuming that’s very rare. All things in just one application. Isn’t that convenient for you too?

10. Local News:

You can keep tabs on local news of your area. WorldNoor displays all important events that occurred in your surroundings. In this way, you will know what is happening in the world. It contains information about every place around the globe. The main aim is to keep you updated about important events and conditions.

11. Contact Groups:

Best Alternative to Facebook

With WorldNoor, you can create as many contact groups as you want. There’s no restriction on the number of groups you make. You can add as many people as you want. You can add your all close friends to a group and share daily updates. Or you can add your business colleagues to a group and share relevant documents. Brands can also create groups and let customers join them. Then those brands can share information about their products, services, or daily events.

12. Town Hall:

WorldNoor’s Town Hall brings you the important reforms and decisions of your local government. You need to select your location and it will display important information. Moreover, you can raise your questions or opinions openly through Town Hall. This is a distinct feature for best alternative to Facebook.

13. Invite Friends:

You can invite your friends to WorldNoor. Share link with them. Or you can also invite them through email or a message. Let your friends know about these appealing features of WorldNoor.

Moving onto Facebook. Let’s look at some major disadvantages of using Facebook.

Seeing frightfully very much Customized Advertisements:

A typical protest about Facebook is its promotions. The pervasiveness of those promotions, yet the typical precision with which Facebook targets them. Is that the pair of shoes that you looked into a day or two ago, showing up in an advertisement close to the News Feed? What’s more, is that advanced post the most recent update from the site you read strictly? For clients who have encountered these models and others, it’s turning out to be progressively certain that Facebook is clearing up an immense measure of data in the work to serve you advertisements that are applicable to your interests. It has also educated advertisers on your browsing history. WorldNoor has no such agreements with any marketers to share your personal data.

Winding down that setting will not prevent Facebook from showing you promotions dependent on what it finds out with regards to you from your preferences, posts, and different exercises on the informal organization. In any case, it will keep Facebook from getting data about your perusing history from its accomplices, or sending data about you to publicists. Then you should download WorldNoor as the best alternative to Facebook.

Downloading More than One Facebook Application:

Facebook raised a lot of problems when it split its messaging feature off from its fundamental application. Then it required mobile clients who needed to send messages in a hurry to download the Messenger application. Downloading and moving between independent Facebook applications is an irritating prerequisite of being connected with the world’s biggest social network. Especially when you’re away from your PC. This is not the case in WorldNoor. You do not need to download a separate messenger for it.

Continually Looking via Auto-playing Videos:

More often than not when you’re browsing your News Feed, you can stop to read the content that you’re interested in and simply look by what doesn’t interest you. Yet, the videos that your friends post or share naturally play as you’re looking through your News Feed. That can cause a consistent disturbance as the videos play undesirable sound. Moreover, it uses mobile data to stack content that you have no expectation of watching. Now and again, Facebook clients have been offended by the results of this feature. For instance, when numerous users shared films of the live murders of a TV columnist and cameraman. Due to the autoplay feature, the video cuts consequently played in clients’ News Feeds. As a result, presenting them to the fierce film if they needed to watch it.

WorldNoor will play videos only when you select the button. It won’t auto-play any videos for you without your consent.  Surely it is the best alternative to Facebook for this feature.

Managing Facebook’s Search Function:

Facebook’s search box functions admirably in case you’re searching for one of your friends. In any case, the search usefulness is famously questionable in case you’re searching for explicit posts that you inexplicably remember finding in your News Feed. Yet, as Raymond Wong as of late announced for Mashable, the situation will improve soon. Facebook is right now steering a program for iPhone and work area users who have mentioned a simpler method to look for posts inside a user’s profile. The pilot is restricted in scope, and an official launch hasn’t yet been declared. However, the program demonstrates that Facebook’s search function is probably going to improve soon.

Declining An Unending Stream of Game Invitations :

Since the time FarmVille and Candy Crush rose to fame, you’ve probably had a few friends who just will not leave sending you a long series of invitations. They must have asked to play with them with nothing to do with these games. Judgment regarding how you spend your exhausting minutes in line to the side, in some cases you simply need those notices to quit showing up.

Game invitations are intended to reward clients, however are an irritation to individuals who never mean to play the games. On account of Candy Crush Saga, for example, the more requests you send off others to play the game, the more lives you get consequently.

Being Friends with each Type of Unbearable Facebook User:

Here and there you need to remain Facebook friends with somebody. Yet essentially can’t bear their consistent appearances in your News Feed. Dependent upon your social network, you might be connected with various types of guilty parties. There’s the sequential selfie poster and the beginner picture taker who can’t avoid sharing many photographs even at the end of the week trip. There’s the odd school fellow who continually posts broad political tirades. Or the naïve neighbor who reposts each junk letter and Facebook lie. Then, at that point, there are the friends who tag you in a wide range of posts that are totally not important to you.


WorldNoor is free from any third parties or bugs or viruses. This platform allows you to smoothly chat, share pictures, videos, and socialize without any interruptions. It has a kid’s section that is completely safe for kids to use. Moreover, it is the best alternative to Facebook.