Asda Opening Times in 2022

What is Asda?

This is mainly a retailer for the United Kingdom. This is a one-stop shop to get your groceries, homeware or even clothes from its brand called George. It was first founded in Yorkshire, England in 1949. Now there are so many Asda stores in the world. This supermarket chain primarily serves British customers and is known as one of the “Big Four” UK supermarkets.

It is the largest retailer here and starting from 2022 has its headquarters in Leeds. The brand was acquired by the Issa brothers in 2021. Prior to that Asda was just a subsidiary of the American company Walmart from 1999. You can also buy health and cosmetic products here at affordable price ranges. There are many shopping stores present in Asda. These include living stores, super stores and even gas stations. Asda can be seen as well distinguished from other similar retailers because it offers low prices for its customers.

High-Low Pricing Techniques

Unlike the high-low pricing techniques that other stores employ for business purposes. Following its point of origin that is Walmart, Asda attracts buyers. By its everyday low pricing methods and the convenient Asda opening times. Through their Asda Price Guarantee in 2010, this was the first supermarket to ensure all time low prices. This beat the rival stores’ prices by about 10%. As part of its branding it has various stores, serving different purposes. Most importantly, the supermarket provides food and convenience items. The most common are perhaps its superstores with fresh produce and other services like pharmacy, opticians and the George clothing line. The Asda Living stores have homeware and petrol filling stations too.  Their slogan since 2021 “Get the Asda price feeling” indicates the joy that comes from shopping. Especially while purchasing quality products. The previous slogan “That’s Asda price” referred to the everyday low price business operation. 

What are Asda Opening Times?

The hours when Asda services and stores are open is essential for many people who are dependent on them. Convenience is a necessity for buying home goods, groceries or clothes. Asda is open throughout the entire week from Monday till Sunday and even on weekends. The timings for Monday to Saturday are 7:00 A.M till 10:00 P.M. While for Sunday the off time is a little earlier for the workers – 7:00 A.M till 4:00 P.M. For every Monday to Thursday there is also a quieter hour set aside. This is from 2:00 P.M to 3:00 P.M. Here the noise levels in the store are significantly reduced by switching off the Asda Radio. The Tannoy announcements are also limited to emergency purposes only. The Drive Thru Collection point allows you to book your grocery collection at a time that suits you. 

Drive Thru closes at 8:00 P.M and they pick and pack your order for delivery. The Asda pharmacies are open 7 days a week including late evenings and even bank holidays. The opticians here offer eye tests, amazing eye contact lenses and very affordable prescription glasses. From 17th May the Asda cafe will also serve as an Eat in or Take away service. It closes at 6:00 P.M. At their Travel Money Bureau customers can find competitive travel money exchange rates. The facilities offered here include mobility scooters, wheelchairs, disabled facilities, baby changing and accessible toilets. There is adapted cutlery like knife, fork and mugs. Braille Gun, Electric vehicle charging point and temporary disabled parking passes are available. Adapted trolleys, Car park, Go to shop and Pay points. There are also assisted shops, cash machines and hearing loops.  

Basic Facts about Asda

The largest Asda store is more than 100,000 square feet and is a supercenter in Milton Keynes. To estimate how big the size of this store is, compare it to the average size of an Asda store that is 60,000 square feet. While the smallest Asda store is a supermarket in Meanwood, Leeds and is about 3000 square feet. This is 33 times smaller than the largest store! Asda was founded on 3rd May, 1965. The name of this store originated from two franchises that were already present. These were butcher shops owned by the Asquith family and the West Riding Dairy Farmers. The latter one formed Hindell’s Dairy Farmer Limited. The first two letters from Asquith and Dairies were then combined to give the name Asda. This is mainly a British supermarket retailer, there are stores in other countries too. Japan and Chile have them.

Keeping in mind their global stores, It has over 800,000 employees. These associates help serve almost 100 million customers each week. The company was once known as a dairy conglomerate and was then acquired by Walmart stores. It does not mean to be a replica of the American supermarket chain, Walmart. In 1999, however, Asda’s owner purchased it from Walmart. Thus, it became a subsidiary chain of the larger company. Starting from 2021 Asda is owned by the ISSA brothers through the private equity firm TDR Capital. A majority of UK ownership also possesses Asda. Currently Asda has 630 stores in the UK. Its importance needs to be catered by the smooth Asda opening times for customers. The superstores are most common here and constitute about 339 of the total stores in the UK. It has been adding opticians, pharmacies, jewelry and photo departments to its stores. 

Early History

The Asda originated when English dairy farmers tried to protect themselves from the falling milk prices after WWI. A Yorkshire dairy farmer named J.W. Hindell led his fellows in the creation of the Hindell’s Dairy Farmers Ltd. This was a 1920 paid partnership whose basic purpose was to build wholesale and retail outlets for their milk. Hindell then started a variety of dairy businesses. 9 operating companies were involved. They raised dairy cattle and processed or distributed milk products. Cafes, milk shops and bakeries were also promoted. By WWII Hindell’s headquarters at Leeds made the partnership a public company in March 1949. This was called Associated Dairies and Farm Stores Limited.